Hello Beautiful!

I know, I know…you might not be feeling so beautiful at this exact moment. Instead, you might feel plagued with uncomfortable physical symptoms and consumed with doubt and worry about just where your life is going.

Like you’re falling apart.

Your body is changing. People or things that once held great meaning have left, or – worse – you want to leave THEM!

Yet I assure you:  there is a wise and beautiful Goddess inside you and she is part of you.

Holistic Hot Sauce is about getting back in touch with your own Radiant, Divine, Wise, Wild and Free Goddess self.

Is life feeling a little like a roller coaster ride right now? And not so much the kind that exhilarates you?

Facing a huge transition: divorce, empty nest, a death, or losing your job?

Or – the opposite? Life is stagnant… and you’re longing for some sort of huge change?

What happened to your dreams? Where did the last few decades go?

What about the book you were going to write? The art you wanted to create? That business idea you’ve had tucked away for so long? All those exotic places you imagined you’d visit? The language you kept meaning to learn?

Sure, you might have hit some of these benchmarks…. But deep inside you KNOW you’re meant for more.

Do you know that the menopausal transition is a powerful opportunity to connect with your Divine Essence and resuscitate those dreams that have languished in an almost forgotten corner of your mind?

Do you realize that this is a portal? And when you gather your courage and step through you can so much more easily connect with Who You Really Are?

That this moment is truly an opportunity to reinvent yourself in your second half?

There are some potent spiritual gifts lying in wait for you, underneath the confusion, the mood swings, the physical changes.

A Rebirth and a Reinvention

Regardless of your personal experience of it, menopause is a potent transformation in a woman’s life. Physical, yes. But also emotional and spiritual. The entire process can last approximately ten years – so, for most of us this isn’t something we can brush aside and wait out.

This is not an ending. It is a beginning.

It’s a birth. Your opportunity to give birth to that something inside of you that so desperately wants to be born. And to re-birth yourself into the woman you’ve always known is living inside you.

The wise Goddess of course.

Are you ready to access the spiritual gifts and creative potential available to you at this stage of life?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Here you’ll find a cornucopia of tips, ideas, reflections and practices on navigating the choppy waters of this transition. You’ll connect with others who are doing the same thing.

Most importantly you will meet and reconnect with Yourself and that radiant Goddess who is You.

Get started by downloading my free e-book, a gift to help you begin to treat yourself like a Goddess.

If you want to delve deeper, into some rich personal discussion and healing, learn more about 1 on 1 coaching here.

This is an evolving journey. I look forward to the magic we can create together!

Radiant Love,