Are you ready to run into old friends and hear them say, “You look great! You’re glowing. What are you doing?”

Wouldn’t you love to rewrite that old tape in your head that keeps saying you’re too old to take on something new?

How about waking up each morning overflowing with excitement, with hope, with energy and vigor?

Guess what? It’s possible to rewire those neural pathways no matter what your age.

It’s time to kick the thought “It’s too late” to the curb, to chase those dreams that are digging a hole in your soul!

If any or all of the above sound good to you, stick around. We’re going to have some fun.


The Spiritual Gifts of Menopause

You might have found your way here because you’re either:

A) Wondering if these crazy emotions you’re feeling might be menopause coming on..

B) In the throes of the emotional roller coaster known as menopause and ready to explode..

C) Done with all that menopause stuff, but still wondering what the hell’s next, or…

D) Never quite got what all the fuss is about, you sailed right through menopause. But now you’re feeling invisible, at lose ends, like you’ve lost your mojo.

Here’s a beautiful secret:  However you experience it, menopause (and post-menopause!) is a time when a woman has direct access to her inner wisdom.

It is an Awakening.

Obstacles that seemed insurmountable in the past are ripped away. It is a time when you may notice that you can’t NOT speak up and speak out. Your truth refuses to stay buried.

And if you are pushing down that truth, you’re probably feeling worse and worse!

Just as the monthly bleeding time can open a woman up to more spiritual guidance—this is multiplied a thousand-fold when we cross this threshold to the wisdom years.

(I know, I know, a lot of us missed out on those spiritual openings during our periods… we were so busy taking care of things that all we could do was curse the cramps. But – my point is that NOW is when all of that changes!)

“…the clarity of vision and increasing intolerance for injustice and inequity that accompany the menopausal changes are a gift. Our hormones are giving us an opportunity to see, once and for all, what we need to change in order to live honestly, fully, and healthfully in the second half of our lives.”

~Christiane Northrup, M.D.,
author of The Wisdom of Menopause, and Goddesses Never Age


Welcome To Holistic Hot Sauce!

Here you will find guidance and companionship as you ride the waves of change in this time of your life. You’ll discover your own path to INNER wellness, and for achieving a radiance that shines from the inside out.

You’re going to find your own holistic hot sauce.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m on a mission to unleash the creative power of women at midlife and beyond.

To connect us all with our Divine Feminine Essence.

I am a Dream Resuscitator, your midwife to help you bring forth that thing that wants to be born.

Change and transformation IS possible! And I’m here to prove it.

Right now I live in San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful heritage city tucked into the central highlands of Mexico. A couple of years ago, I’d never have believed it possible I could actually live here— learning a new language, enjoying private salsa dance lessons, surrounded by culture, color, new friends, ….That sort of life seemed like a faraway dream.

And yet—here I am! Living proof that anything is possible even—and especially—in the second half of life!

See, all of this Awakening to your truth stuff doesn’t have to be solemn and serious!

One of my core values is FUN… and here I created Holistic Hot Sauce with an intention of finding the joy and fun available to me and to all of us during this transition.

Four years ago, at age 50, I started this site for women like you who are struggling with menopause and the emotional angst around growing older in our youth-worshipping culture.

I spent a couple of decades of my early adulthood owning and operating Moonrise Herbs, an herb shop that doubled as a community healing center and spiritual bookstore. Then, after trying out the life of an employee for a nonprofit, it was time to start my own thing again… to once againhelp people more directly.

At the time I was riding the tidal wave of menopause, and feeling the primal power surge of energy that brought. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

My vision for Holistic Hot Sauce was to share everything I knew, and learn more so I could help other women like me find relief. In those early days I mined my knowledge of natural remedies for menopause and wrote about them here.

Oh, I had some big ideas of how this would all work.

Little did I know what Spirit had in store for me. …

Read more of my story of reinvention HERE. 

Or … if you want to get started on reinventing YOUR life in your second half. Check out my blog, or go here to find out how you can get some personal guidance through this transition.

“I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise….”
~Dawna Markova


If you want to harness the potent energy available to you right now, you need more than HRT or natural remedies that calm uncomfortable symptoms. Your emotions and your spirit must be cultivated as well – through ritual, meditation, some sort of regular communication with the Divine.

Most of all you need to fall in love with yourself. 

And. we need each other. We need sharing.

We are all connected – to each other as women – and to Divine Source. Stick around and plug in to that connection.

I intend to create a community here at Holistic Hot Sauce. A sisterhood. A safe circle where we can explore and celebrate our power surges together.

A circle of Surging Women – think of the beautiful havoc we can wreak, the positive changes we can bring to the world!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. the time is now. the energy is here. the power is within the present moment.

With Radiant Love,