Banish Wrinkles With Homemade Rose Cream

Ciel whips up a fresh batch of rose cream.

I’m incredibly enamored with this exotic rose cream that my sister Lisa made and gave me for Christmas. Just opening the jar and inhaling the heady scent improves my day, and I can literally feel my facial cells drinking up the creamy goodness when I smooth on a few dabs after showering or washing my face.

I swear I can hear them cheering.

My daughter Ciel (remember her concern with wrinkles) loved it so much that she made up her own batch so she’d have several month’s supply. And I got to be a beneficiary of that. After all she owes more for all those years of nurturing. So now I have two jars!

The Healing Rose

Essential oil of rose is more than just a cell-rejuvenator, it is used by aromatherapists to treat couperose skin and varicose veins.

It goes deeper than that though – way deeper. But you knew that didn’t you? What other plant as been sung, painted or written about by so many artists?

The fragrance of the rose is known in aromatherapy to open the heart. Ever so gently the rose will calm depression, fear and anxiety and it can even give a boost to our confidence.

No wonder I love this cream so much!

I don’t know about you, but as my estrogen levels start their inevitable plummet my skin – especially my face – feels more parched than ever before.

My skin is drinking this stuff up. It’s my new love. Move over Dr. Haushka and Origins!

Soon my two jars will run dry and I’ll have to make up a fresh batch, but meanwhile I thought I’d share this amazing recipe – so those of you who enjoy concocting your own skincare goodies can get in on the fun.

Even if you’re not crazy about making your own skincare products – your wallet may motivate you to do so.

A cream like this would run upwards of $50 an ounce in department stores or upscale natural bodycare boutiques. When you make your own, you’ll end up with ten times that much for an equal investment.

As with the eye serum I wrote about earlier – the ingredients can get a bit pricey. But if you go in on this with some girlfriends and make it up together, you’ll all go home with a few jars of yummy cream – enough to moisturize for months.

By the way, this cream soothes and invigorates all skin types – so invite your daughters or friends of any age. It’s not specifically a wrinkle cream, although the rich oils will work their magic to minimize those pesky fine lines.

But, umm – unlike the eye serum, making a cream is not a quick snap.

Creams and lotions require a bit more finesse and a careful eye, as well as some essential equipment such as a blender. I wrote a lengthy description of the process here – read up if you want more background on the tricks of the trade.

Delightful rose cream. Alkanet root gives it a rosey pink hue.

Lisa’s (and Ciel’s) cream is a delightful rose pink color. To me, the unusual color makes slathering the stuff on even more fun and appealing. But it does add an extra step of work to achieve this natural color, which comes from alkanet oil.

Lisa says that the cream is fine without the alkanet oil. It will still smell and feel like you’ve gone to dance with the rose goddesses.

Alkanet is an herb that makes a deep red natural dye. It’s wonderful for lip balms, cheek tints or other products that benefit from some natural color. The amount of alkanet used can vary this color action from a light shell-pink to a rich burgundy.

To turn your cream pink, you need to first make up some alkanet oil. It’s not that hard. We call this an infused herbal oil.

How To Make Alkanet Oil

Take one ounce of dried alkanet root (see resources below for where to get it) and grind it up in a clean coffee grinder or blender. Put it into a glass jar that has a tight fitting lid.

Pour  your choice of oil over the ground herbs, enough to cover then completely (but don’t fill the whole jar unless the herbs fill the jar.) Put the lid on and shake it all up. It will turn red almost immediately.

What oil to use? Lisa used sunflower oil, but any light oil would work. Kukui, hazelnut and macadamia are also sweet choices for skincare products.

Let the alkanet soak in the oil for at least an hour, or up to one week, shaking it each day. Then strain the herbs out through a fine mesh strainer with a piece of cheesecloth draped over. (Or just place the cheese cloth over another jar or a measuring cup and have a friend hold the edges while you pour the oil through.)

Press on the herbs with a wooden spoon, or wrap them up in a ball in the cheese cloth and squeeze and wring to extract every last drop of ruby red oil.

You will probably have some extra left over after making your rose cream – be sure to label it so that months from now when you find this bottle of red oil you don’t go, ‘what the heck is this??’ and throw it out.

Let’s Make Some Cream

Okay – so now that you’ve got your alkanet oil made (or decided to skip this step), you’re ready to get into the cream.

First, you’ll need to gather together your ingredients.  If you don’t have a health food or herb store nearby I suggest ordering high quality body oils, herbs, beeswax and essential oils from Moonrise Herbs or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Lisa’s Exotic Rose Cream – Ingredients

1 cup rosewater
2 ounces rose hip seed oil
2 ounces macadamia nut oil
1 ounce jojoba oil
1 ounce alkanet oil
(or add an extra ounce of any of the oils above)
½ ounce beeswax (about 2 tablespoons, those beeswax granules work great for this)
800 IU vitamin E (either as Vitamin E oil, or take two 400 IU gelcaps, poke them with a pin a squeeze the oil out. Don’t get too hung up on how many IU you are using, just use ½ to a teaspoon of good quality VE oil.)
20 drops rose essential oil (Now don’t get all cheapy here and use fragrance or perfume oil. It’s NOT the same thing! Spring for the real stuff – it’s where so many of the therapeutic benefits come in.)

(The recipe is adapted from the book Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, one of my favorites and highly recommended!)

Equipment You’ll Need

Rubber spatula
Chopstick or small wooden spoon
Makeshift double boiler (such as pyrex measuring cup and small saucepan)
Another measuring cup (or something with a pour spout)
Small jars (for the final product)

What To Do

Once your cream is blended, pour into jars before it thickens.

The process of making a cream or lotion is similar to making mayonnaise. You are emulsifying oils with water – so it’s a delicate operation.

I described the method in full detail in “How To Make A Fabulous Face Cream Or Lotion.”

Here’s a short synopsis:

Place oils (not rose essential oil though) and beeswax in your double boiler set up and heat gently till beeswax is melted. Cool slightly and pour into blender. Slowly drizzle the rosewater in through the hole in the top of the blender cap while the blender is turned to high. The mixture will begin to emulsify into a cream and may need some light stirs with our chopstick or wooden spoon to mix in stray drops of water.

Add the essential oil at the end and just whiz briefly, then stir. Voila. You have a thick, beautiful cream!

But be sure to hop over to the other post, and read the long version of this procedure. Making creams is not for the faint of heart. But the results – oh so very sweet!

How about you? Do you have a favorite wrinkle cream or other natural facial cream that you adore? What about a recipe? Take it away in the comment section!



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    • It really is a lot of fun Bobbi. You’d be surprised. And quite the money saver too!

  1. What a cool project! I’d love to make this just so I can smell it, ha ha – you made it sound so tempting!

    • Well, you could always get yourself some rose essential oil for the aromatherapy of it all Kaylee. Although actually there’s something about how it’s all mixed up with those other yummy ingredients that makes it smell even better. And it IS a fun project.

  2. More, more more,
    I absolutely love this.. Both because it’s natural and because it saves money. But the funnest part is going to be doing this with my daughter. She’ll think we’re cooking of course because she’s only 4 but we’ll have fun making it. God knows i need it now that i hit the big 40…

    do you have any good recipes for psoriasis of the scalp..

    • Aww, you’re going to have a blast making this with your little girl Annie. I’d love to see the look on her face when she gets her first whiff of this lovely scent! She’ll figure out soon enough that this isn’t food, but good stuff for us girls!

      I’ll ask around about scalp recipes. Can’t find anything in my first peek around. Some essential oils that are helpful for scalp dermatitis are lavender, cedarwood, chamomile and clary sage. YOu could take any or all of these and mix into olive oil and rub a little into affected area. But psoriasis is usually also stress related, so it’s good to take teas that help calm the nervous system. I’ll keep you posted if/when I find out more.

  3. I said before I wasn’t one to make my own creams etc but each article I read i am more tempted. Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes with us Sarah

    • the recipes sounds interesting. I really like rose oil. I am wondering how you are keeping the bacteria out though. This cream can’t last very long, maybe a week or two in the fridge if that long. whenever you use water you need a preservative.

      • Hi Patricia,
        You’re right that there are no preservatives in this recipe. The Vitamin E oil works as a mild natural preservative and if you make sure you use true rose essential oil, that has some preservative properties too. All essential oils are anti-bacterial.
        The cream definitely does not last forever – but it lasted way longer than a week for me. I didn’t keep it in the fridge, and that would make it last longer.

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