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Paralyzed by Perfectionism

Are You a Perfectionist? Do you have to get ‘right’ before you will let it go? Those of us plagued by perfectionism find it dogging us everywhere we go and in everything we do – at work or at home. This obsession with excellence steals zest and joy from our day-to-day lives. For example, maybe…Continue Reading

Courage Comes In Many Colors

Blog #13 of my month long blog-every-weekday commitment. Do you think of yourself as fearless? Courageous? Bold? Well, I never did either.  I saw myself as rather timid and shy, backing down in the face of conflict, and certainly never deliberately stepping into dangerous situations. I wanted to feel fearless … as long as that didn’t…Continue Reading

What Do You Really Want?

Here’s Blog #9 in my one-month commitment to a blog post every weekday! This story is shared with full permission. My client was feeling hurt and sad because it seemed that everyone else had a BFF. You know, one of those girlfriends that you can call anytime and pour your heart out. The one you sit up…Continue Reading

Oh The Stories We Tell

This is Blog #7 in my one-month commitment to a writing a new blog post every weekday! “Learn Spanish” has been on my list for years now… but all those other To-Do’s crowded it right off the page. Now that I’m living in the central highlands of Mexico, this desire has risen way up on my list! I…Continue Reading