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Tips To Cultivate Serenity While Traveling (And Avoid That Death Warmed Over Look Despite Only 3 Hours Of Sleep)

Air travel ain’t what it used to be – just about everyone can agree on that. A couple of days ago,while passing the time during an unexpected delay at Newark Airport, I wrote about the value of shifting our perspective when confronted with the myriad bumps and glitches that plague the flying experience. I promised…Continue Reading

Banish Wrinkles With Homemade Rose Cream

I’m incredibly enamored with this exotic rose cream that my sister Lisa made and gave me for Christmas. Just opening the jar and inhaling the heady scent improves my day, and I can literally feel my facial cells drinking up the creamy goodness when I smooth on a few dabs after showering or washing my…Continue Reading

Make Your Own Eye Serum – It’s Super Easy!

I was well into my 30s before I even began to think about things like eye creams. Not so with my beautiful daughter, Ciel. At 28 she’s already experimented with a plethora of skincare products, starting  with Bonne Bell back in adolescence and progressing through the many offerings of the corporate beauty care industry. I’d…Continue Reading