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Make Friends With Time

    Where does all the time go? I’m running out of time! I’m so behind! If only I had more time! I’d love to…. but I just don’t have the time! Oh, I wish I had time for that! There’s just not enough time to get it all done.. Sound familiar? How many of…Continue Reading

Your Inner GPS And How To Find It

Do you sometimes feel drowned in information and advice on how best to proceed with a goal, project or problem? Some of this information may come from well-meaning friends and loved ones who truly want to see you succeed. A lot of it is stuff you’ve  sought out in your attempt to get clear on…Continue Reading

The Quest For Spiritual Growth: Inspiration Sauce with Loran Hills

Time for another installment of Inspiration Sauce, my interview series where I delve into fun conversation with some of the most interesting and inspirational midlife women I know. Women who have touched my life and healed my spirit in some way, women that might do the same for you. Holistic Hot Sauce is about much…Continue Reading