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This information is now out of date, I’ve moved to new digs. Find out more about how my coaching works over at Sarah Grace Coach.com



Ready to Reinvent yourself in Your Second Half? Let’s get this party started!

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You’ve got an inkling of who or what you want to be….but what happens between here and there might look a bit fuzzy at this point.

It feels like a rather large gulf—this chasm between where you are now and where you want to be. But it CAN be traversed! Believe me, I know. I’ve stood right in this spot before. I took the first step, I took that leap.

You can too!

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This is about transformation and true reinvention, and I aim to get results. Because this alchemical process is multi-step and takes some attention and focus, it works best when you commit to it with a series of sessions. We meet weekly or at a minimum every other week to keep momentum going.

With commitment comes clarity. With clarity comes focus. With focus comes results!

bridge from here to there


Coaching Packages

Choose from the following coaching packages. Since I have found that most clients receive the best benefit from several sessions, you’ll note a significant savings when booking the 7-session series.

Package One:  7 sessions

First session is 75-90 minutes long, and subsequent sessions are 60-75 minutes. We meet weekly or biweekly to keep momentum going. This package includes a follow-up email after each session, unlimited email support between sessions, and recordings of the sessions if desired. You’ll receive customized worksheets and audios to support you on your journey.

Investment:  $444 USD

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Package Two:  3 sessions

Our first session is 75-90 minutes long, and subsequent sessions are approximately one hour. We must meet at a minimum of every other week. This includes a follow-up email after each session, and a maximum of three back and forth emails between sessions. Worksheets and audios may be provided.

Investment:  $222 USD

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Maintenance Session

This option of a single 60-minute session is available for continuing clients only.

Investment:  $77 USD

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I love how Sarah is able to pinpoint my challenges at hand and uncover my blind spots quickly. She has a knack for listening for the most important points and knowing what techniques to use to uncover the truth I am looking for within myself, that I was unable to see in the midst of my overwhelm.

I highly recommend hiring Sarah as a coach. She is a warm-hearted person who brings intelligence and intuition into the process of finding the way forward. I fully trust Sarah’s ability to be present, really hear what I am saying and allow me to be who I am, while providing tools that are appropriate for each situation.

I also love her sense of humor and wit, we laugh a lot and this makes working with Sarah so much fun! What a blessing to have been touched by her spirit and undivided attention.

~Alisa Looney, Artist