Wondering Where You Misplaced Your Vitality? Win A Free Radiance Session!

radiantI talk a lot on this blog about looking and feeling radiant.

That comes from the inside out, so I share quite a bit more than simply my stash of herbal and natural wellness tips. I also write about that confrontation with our internal obstacles, those gremlins that keep us stuck and trip us up on the path to vitality.

You can learn a lot from reading about these topics, and I love that I can help you through my writing. But so much more is available to you when you experience the exhilaration of one-on-one work tailored to your life and dreams.

A one-on-one session can reconnect you to your own innate vitality and natural wisdom. You get strategies tailored to your specific circumstances.

You CAN get your radiance on!

When I see that light bulb go off and watch a woman take steps to true transformation – well, I am seriously lit up myself. This is Radiance Coaching, and it is my heart’s calling, my deep service.

Introducing your Personal Herbalist and Radiance Coach…..that would be me.

To celebrate the official launch of this heart-centered service I’m GIVING AWAY THREE FREE RADIANCE STRATEGY SESSIONS.

A Powerful Fusion

Radiant vitality comes from the inside out – and you need to stoke your inner pilot light by building a foundation of physical well being

I offer you a powerful fusion of herbal health consulting and life coaching.

Together we tackle those internal demons that hold you back from being who you want to be and living the life you want to live.

It’s me being there for you – to offer exactly what you need in this moment, at this stage of your life, to feel utterly vibrant and energized from the inside out.

Together we nurture the radiant, powerful fountain of juicy inspiration and spirited love that is waiting to be unleashed.

I’m so done with all the negative talk about how women are ‘invisible’ after a certain age, or that once we’re no longer reproducing we’re pointless. What a bunch of BS!!

Want To Win A Free Radiance Strategy Session?

I know you want to get in on this!

It’s easy!

You’ve got two options (and if you do both, I’ll put your name in twice!)

1. Leave a comment below. It can be as brief or as lengthy as you want. (Note, no special sign-in required anymore!)

2. “Like” the Holistic Hot Sauce page on Facebook and post something on the page. (A thought, a comment, an image – whatever.)

If you’re ready for a Power Surge, don’t delay! Comment or visit me on Facebook right now!

Contest ends Friday, March 15th!

 I’ll put all the names in a hat (or maybe a cauldron) and draw three winners at random. Then I’ll get in touch with you either via email or Facebook (if that’s how you connected) so we can schedule the session. It’s that simple.

You can dance into spring (or fall) feeling charged up, radiant and revitalized!

Can’t wait to meet you!


If you’re wondering if a Radiance Strategy Session is really for you, I invite you to learn more about my vision of unleashing the transformative power of women at midlife. Read my Radiance Manifesto.

And – please share with any and all midlife women you know who would be inspired by this and might value a Radiance Session.


29 Responses to Wondering Where You Misplaced Your Vitality? Win A Free Radiance Session!

  1. Good morning,
    I’ve finally semi-settled here in Portland and am powering up for some of the biggest adventures of my lifetime…..my fist day at farmers market(my new business booth) is tomorrow and our baby is due in 6 weeks, although we think he’s coming early! Sounds like a perfect time for a Radiance Strategy Session….besides, I’d love to see you and chat.

    • Yay Jennefer! I hadn’t realized you were here already! And I didn’t know farmer’s market was open already. Can’t wait to check out your booth. What market? I’d love to meet up for a Radiance Strategy Session – it does sound like you’re primed. Wow, baby coming so soon. Exciting times.
      I’ve got your name in the cauldron – and no matter what, let’s get a time to chat!

  2. I’d love a session. I guess we can do this through Skype. Or is it hands on when you come to Humboldt? Thanks for your wonderful blog.

    • I’ve done ’em on Skype so far Devora and it works great. But of course we can do a live one when I make it back down to Humboldt land.

      Thanks for reading the blog, so glad you enjoy! And I’ve got your name in the cauldron!

  3. I already feel more radiant reading this post. A power surge is just whats needed in mid life, so I’m spreading the word.

    • Thanks for sharing the radiant word Priska! Yes a power surge is what’s needed at midlife and the good news is that power surge is just waiting to spring up and infuse us mid-lifers with a new influx of creative energy! You and I have felt it… and a little help from our natural allies can really enhance it.

  4. I’m usually quite a high energy person, but not so much lately. I’ve definitely misplaced my vitality and could sure use a Radiance Session big time! It sounds wonderful. And I so love how you are kicking to the ground the myth of the invisible midlife woman. Hear the roar of our fire and feel the heat of our flames!

    • Woo Hoo! That’s it Carol! Hear that roar and feel that heat! We are surging up to create a healthier world! A world where we are all connected and I don’t mean through our computers and devices!

      No we are not invisible, not used up, we are rising. I am Woman, hear me Roar!

    • I hope so too Jonathan! Let’s make it happen. Although I don’t think you’re quite ready for a midlife radiance session! 😀

  5. Love the idea of combining health coaching with life coaching! The two are completely intertwined, especially in this time of our lives. Given your decades of experience, anyone working with you will definitely have a stronger and more glowing radiance.

    • Yes Paige, thanks! I finally ‘got it’ that I don’t have to choose between health coaching or life coaching because the two are intertwined and depend on each other. I know that I’ve personally experienced those internal blockages to taking the steps that I KNEW would help me to feel better. I definitely get that making lasting, positive change is about a lot more than learning the nuts and bolts of what needs to happen!
      I’m super excited to share my knowledge & experience, and to bringing on that power surge for as many women as I can!

  6. Oooh—-I love the image of my ‘radiant, powerful fountain of juicy inspiration’!Hope I win the chance to delve deeper….

    • You’re already quite the powerful fountain of juicy inspiration Gigi! But I’ve got your name in the cauldron and I too hope we get the chance to go deeper with you and excavating out even more vibrant, juicy power. <3

  7. I’ve been looking around for some possible coaching, and struggling with feeling “old” and looking frumpy and not feeling fit–that my health has taken a toll since working on our startup is not a lie. I love your idea of combining the coaching with health issues for women of a certain age! Can I please join the contest? I’d love to work with you on improving my health and attitude, and I love the thought of having a “Radiance Strategy”!

    • I definitely get where you’re coming from Jonell. Self-care and good health practices can be even more challenging for us entrepreneurial types! That radiance can be elusive when it’s head down at the computer for hours at a time..:-)

      Of course you can join the contest, and I’ve got your name in the ‘cauldron.’

  8. Wow!!! Where have you been all my per-menopausal life!!!?! Glad I finally found you…can feel myself starting to ‘shine’ already! <3 Liz xx

    • I’m super glad you found me too Liz! I’ll keep the perimenopausal power surging wisdom coming. And, I’ll add your name to the ‘cauldron’ – and maybe we’ll have a chance to really spend some time getting that ‘shine’ on!

      I encourage to come on over and comment on the Facebook page so it will be easier for me to reach you if you win. Blessings!

    • Got you in the ‘cauldron’ of contest-ers sandy. So happy it’s sounding wonderful to you. Hope you are enjoying the blog too! Lots of great info in the archives.

  9. I could use a little vibrancy and energy right now. I am in a dpressed state and feel that I have no energy left.

    • I’m sorry you are in that space right now – and I can so relate! I’ve got your name in the contest ‘cauldron’ and I hope you win the session! And read a little on the blog – maybe it will perk up your spirits. Namaste.

  10. I love your ideas! Site is already bookmarked!

    I could definitely benefit from a radiance session – lots going on right now health wise.

    • HI Brenda – so glad you’re enjoying the site! I’ve got your name in the contest ‘cauldron’ and I’d love to meet you in a session! Meanwhile sending healthy, happy vibes to your bodily energy!
      And welcome to Holistic Hot Sauce!

  11. “I am on a mission to unleash that transformative power and to dispel the cultural notions that older woman are used up, sexless, invisible and unwanted.”

    I’d take an older women any day of the week 😉 Although not too old… that might get weird. In all honestly, my biological and cultural drivers would push me to younger ladies, but my reasoned driver (if it has any say at all), would push me to older ladies – they’re often happier and more mature.

    How is your radiance coaching going? It sounds like a great opportunity, for both you and the lucky ladies getting radiatized.

    • LOL, well we older women can be a lot of fun!

      I absolute love helping women recover and unleash their inner radiance – so yes, the coaching is going fabulously Amit! Thanks for asking.

      And I think you’re fine sticking with the ladies closer to your age… but I”m sure glad you can appreciate the radiance in those of use with a little more, um, worldly experience. 🙂

  12. Welcome Phyllis! And glad to add your name to the ‘contest cauldron.’ Poke around the blog a bit and you’ll learn lots about feeling healthy and radiant – inside and out.

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