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Do you sometimes wonder if you’re running out of time to do the things you’ve always dreamed of?

Feel anxiety about an empty nest, or depression about never filling it?

Can you could look in the mirror and honestly love what you see?

It can be quite the challenge to feel satisfied with an aging face and body in a culture that glorifies dewy-skinned youth.

And yet – there’s an amazing joy & power that is available to us at midlife and beyond. Learn more about this during this FREE 75-minute Teleclass.

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It’s unbelievable, but we spent $262 BILLION dollars on anti-aging products and services in 2013! Just imagine if even a fraction of those resources had been spent on, say, ending world hunger?

It doesn’t matter how much money, time and energy you put into your serums, lotions and treatments to smooth out skin that’s lived through several decades. Even botox injections, or surgery won’t take away the sadness, the grieving, the worry and anxiety.

But there is something that can. A few things actually.

Practices that will not only bring you to that place of loving what and who you see in the mirror, but will show you your path true North. These practices can guide you to the tiny steps you can take to grab those dreams and live into the person you know you truly are.

In this teleclass I’ll teach you some of these practices. And we’ll tune in to the energy of the Divine Feminine and access Her wisdom and strength to help open up to a new way of looking at yourself and your own potential.


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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The time is now. The energy is here. The power is within the present moment.

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