You Have Enough. You Do Enough. You Are Enough.

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For many years I dreaded the winter holidays almost as much as I anticipated them. As the owner of a retail business, preparations for this time of year began, literally, in spring or early summer.

I needed to be sure my store was stocked with just the right unique and distinctive gifts that would appeal to my customers that particular year. I needed to hire the right people to fortify the regular staff in serving these people that supported us.

We had fun of course. We decorated each year during Thanksgiving week, turning the store into a “Winter Wonderland.”

We held a ‘Holiday Extravaganza’ Open House in early December and we all baked our favorite holiday treats, made herbal dips and crackers, brewed up spicy teas and ciders for everyone’s tasting delight.

And, on the home front there was crafting, cookie-baking, shopping, attending school pageants, and more decorating.

Often by the time we reached Christmas Eve (which was almost always the very busiest day of the year in my store – amazing how many last minute gift shoppers there are out there!), I was completely, utterly exhausted.

I know that the holidays can be stressful for many.

It’s easy to feel like we just aren’t measuring up to all the expectations put out by our culture. Some of us find ourselves examining regrets from the past during this time that is traditionally spent with family members.

One year at Moonrise Herbs we made beautiful little signs with inspirational quotes and sayings. We posted them around the store, on the edges of shelves, to help our busy, shopping customers to take a breath and relax, even if just for a moment.

My favorite inspirational saying – I don’t even know where it came from or who to attribute it to – was this one:

You Have Enough. You Do Enough. You Are Enough.

So that is my message to you today and every day.

You are absolutely perfect, beautiful and whole just the way you are.

Happy Holidays.




10 Responses to You Have Enough. You Do Enough. You Are Enough.

    • Thank you Terri! So glad you enjoyed the post. Happy happy new year!!

    • Thanks Terri! So glad you enjoyed the post. Happy new year to you!

  1. Really really nice. This sentiment will be helpful to me for the rest of my life…thank you

    • Thanks Jeff. I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post. Yours always inspire me as well. Happy New Year!

  2. Well said Sarah.
    It’s so hard to step back and take a breath especially around the holidays.
    This year we did just that. We had a charlie brown tree, with homemade ornaments that me and the kids made using Japanese origami papers that we fashioned into paper cranes. Nothing else. our only other indulgence was a Christmas meal and lots of cookies that we baked. Normally Christmas is so stressful because we want to do it all up to the hilt. But this years festivities were meager and somehow we are just fine, maybe even better off. I guess we did and had just enough. 🙂

    • Oh Annie, our Christmas sounds just beautiful – and just right. It’s so amazing how we can have more fun and enjoy our family connection more fully when we simplify. We had a Charlie Brown tree too! Happy New Year!

  3. A simple, yet powerful reminder. Oh and Moonrise Herbs sounds like a vibrant store that I would love to visit!

    • Hi Natalia. Glad you enjoyed this. If you ever make it up to Arcata you COULD visit Moonrise. Let me know if you’re ever traveling north. Happy New Year!

  4. We were awesome back then pulling off what we did. As my mom would say as she slipped into dementia… “Oh raising 11 kids was no trouble at all.” Holds true to our Christmas Extravaganzas

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