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I’ve written quite a few posts here about individual herbs, and herbal remedies for common ailments. After all, I do have a thing or two to share after 19 years of helping customers at Moonrise Herbs.

But even after all those years of running an herb business, attending herbal gatherings, and taking countless herb classes, I’m still an avid student. I just love to learn about herbs. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Learning Herbs.Com.

John and Kimberly Gallagher – longtime herbal practitioners – have created a family-oriented and user friendly site that has something to offer both aspiring and seasoned herbalists.

You can sign up for their free course to learn the basics of herbs – either in text or video format. In addition to being a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, John is a talented and web savvy designer who has figured out how to make this online herbal learning thing a fun and easy adventure.

His wife Kimberly has created a beautiful, artistically designed board game called Wildcraft. (Irene has sold this game at the shop for the last several years, but I had no idea it was supplied by such an amazing home business.) I purchased the game this Christmas for my 6-year-old niece Gracie. We had to get right down to playing as soon as she tore off the wrapping paper. And what fun!

Playing Wildcraft with Gracie on Christmas Eve

I’m looking forward to many more Wildcraft game sessions with Gracie, and I know I’ll learn a few things too.

Those are just a few of the great offerings over at Learning Herbs.com. You’ll find numerous free resources as well as some well-thought out products that represent an excellent value. I’m still exploring everything they have to share.

But – I got super excited when I saw that they’ve teamed up with well-respected herbalist Kiva Rose to present a really unique type of herbal course. It’s called Herb Energetics, and it’s all about tuning into your own needs and finding the plants that are right around you to nourish and heal yourself and your family.

It’s a slightly different take on herbalism – and it might seem a little ‘out there’ at first blush. But what could be more practical that turning to the plants that are growing in your own neighborhood, rather than looking up remedies in books or online and then having to go shop for them somewhere?

I subscribe to the Learning Herbs.com newsletter (Herb Mentor News) and I got even more enthused about the Herb Energetics Course when I received the latest newsletter installment, which featured a Kiva Rose recipe for an evergreen balm. It’s a warming herbal salve that can be used on sore, achey muscles, to treat that dull aching feeling caused by a cold or flu, and even as a super emollient for dry, cracked skin.

This all-purpose warming salve is so easy to make – and the main ingredient is evergreen leaves that you can collect from your local woods, or even in a park. Everyone has some evergreens growing nearby (well, unless you live in the tropics I guess – but then you might don’t need a warming salve.)

I can’t wait to go out and collect some evergreens and make this salve. I’m going to use redwood and Douglas fir, because that’s what’s near to me, but any kind of fir tree will work, as will pine, hemlock or cypress.

I’ll let you know how my salve turns out – but if you want to see the recipe and make your own, click on over to LearningHerbs.com and sign up for Herb Mentor News.

And, if you’re at all interested in deepening (or beginning) your herbal knowledge – which I assume you are if you’ve read this far – I definitely suggest taking at look at the introductory video for Herb Energetics. I have a feeling it’s going to be a ground breaking herb course.

Full disclosure: I am so impressed with LearningHerbs.com that I decided to affiliate with them. So, if you click through to their site from here, and are inspired to make a purchase, you’ll be supporting me in this labor of love – and helping to keep Wellness The Natural Way afloat.

But that’s not why I’m sharing this information with you. I am truly jazzed about the quality information that John and his family are sharing. Their sweet family and home business model really resonates with me and I’d like to support them in any way I can.

Happy herbal exploring!


Over to you! Have you discovered any particularly awesome online herbal courses? Please share in the comment section so we can make this page all the more useful for budding herbalists. (I’ll be talking about a few more in the weeks and months to come too!)




7 Responses to Learn About Herbs – Check Out This Awesome Resource

  1. I love Learning Herbs and the Wildcraft game. In fact, Learning Herbs offers so many free courses and other resources that I never seem to get to all of them.

    One of the cool things about Wildcraft is you can take the cards out on a walk and look for the plants. My son and I did this in New Hampshire and found almost all of them not too far from the house. It would be great if they made a version for the various regions of the US.

    • You’re right Sue – it’s the best site I’ve seen for free herbal resources. They’ve got it going on.

      Great idea to take the Wildcraft cards out for a walk. I’m going to have to suggest that outing with my niece (if it ever stops raining around here!) I think that the herbs they chose to use on the cards grow in a lot of different regions – after all they are in Oregon and you found the plants in New Hampshire! But, yes great idea to make some regional versions.

      • Yes, I think they deliberately chose the most commonly found North American medicinal plants, but I live in the high desert. We have pinon pine, juniper, yucca, various cacti, Mormon tea and just a great variety of medicinal plants that would make for a really cool version of the game. I guess I should mention it to them, not just you, huh?! 🙂

  2. Sarah,
    I think i’m turning into an herbalist! The other day i made my own sea salt & rosemary body scrub. Thank you to turning me onto making my own concoctions.

    I loved the link to the video about Kiva Rose. It makes me miss my california life. for some reason i kept thinking about the local farmers market near our home in Belmont and the one in San Francisco i used to go to. Totally un realted but memories are weird that way. they pop up where you least expect it.

    • I love the way an image or phrase can take you tripping down memory lane, flitting from one thing to another! I’m so glad your salt scrub turned out! You are definitely a budding herbalist now, Annie. Who knows what’s next?

      • NEXT? I may have plans for home made soap as a family project. I bought some soap on etsy a while back made with crushed cloves. it was delightful.

  3. Bulkherbstore.com has some really good info and AWESOME products!

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