My Intention For The New Year / New Moon

During our circle last night we all shared some of our struggles, our hopes and our dreams. And we all articulated an intention for this coming cycle. Such a gift to be cradled in this warm and loving circle of women! And one of the best parts was that this time the circle was made up of a diverse group, some of whom had never met each other before this night. But once we lit our candles and opened our circle we felt like we’d been sharing with each other for eons.

Later we each planted some seeds – calendula and sunflower – to signify the nurturing of our intentions. As we buried our seed in the soil, we each spoke just one word to voice this intention.

As each woman voiced her one-word aspiration I thought that each of these words could apply to all of us. We’d all expressed diverse yet similar struggles and dreams. Clarity, balance, inner silence, ambition, acceptance, these were just some of the single-word intentions spoken in our new moon ritual.

My word was self-confidence. It’s time, as I begin my 51st circle around the sun, to start to believe in myself and my capacity to bloom. I struggled a bit to come up with just the right word. I’m longing to discover my unique super power and harness it to my individual passion. I want to create work for myself that feeds my soul , earns an income, and makes a difference in people’s lives. To heal both people and the planet through the work I do.

I’m realizing that in order to get clear on what this is, I need to cultivate this confidence that I can do it. That I am worthy, capable, courageous enough to do this.

Now that I’ve voiced this intention, and publicized it here on this blog, it’s time to finally open up those two flower essences I bought the day after New Year’s and start taking them. They’ve been sitting on my counter ever since my return from our trip. It seems that my inner self-saboteur would rather I left the confidence at the counter.

I’m not going to let that happen anymore!

Okay, I just took four drops each of Cerrato and Larch flower essences. Going to make up my combo bottle now and keep it right here on my desk.

Here’s to my confidence flowers blossoming big!

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