How To Be Perfect (Hint: Add Two Letters)

Moonstone Beach
Moonstone Beach, Westhaven, California.                  Okay – Mother Nature does get it perfect sometimes! But we don’t expect her to!

Do you have an half-finished creative project tucked away in a drawer somewhere?

Or perhaps your project is still in that gorgeous, partially-formed idea stage. It appears so beautifully – so perfectly – in your mind’s eye.

Maybe you’ve never even taken the first step toward execution.

And might that be because you have a sneaking feeling that this real-life version will be a far-cry from that perfect vision you’ve been imagining?

If this sounds even vaguely familiar, then you, like me, might be a victim of the dreaded disease:  Perfection Paralysis.

Here’s my personal medicine for this affliction:

Done is better than Perfect!

You can find out more in this (extremely imperfect) video rendition.

So… what do you think? (No! I don’t mean about how I appear on video!) How does the idea of “Perfection Paralysis” land with you?

Will you take the challenge? What can you do this week to show up – perfectly imperfect – but DONE?!

Tell us in the comments.


8 Responses to How To Be Perfect (Hint: Add Two Letters)

  1. Love this message Sarah!! Thanks so much for taking that step to inspire me and others to do the same!!! This is an affliction that I am very familiar with. I have a project that has been waiting for me to complete and I am making the commitment to adding the next layer of enamel to my mom’s piece this week. Thank you dear one.

    • Yay – so glad this little piece of imperfection will inspire completion of more beautiful art! This is the thing about the PP affliction: It’s such a surprise to discover that others struggle with it too. At least that’s how it works for me.

      What a sad thing it would be if you had allowed Perfection Paralysis to prevent you from putting your amazing art out there in the world!
      You’ve helped me realize that I need to keep on putting out these imperfect little creations myself! Thank YOU!

  2. Ah, our old friend Perfection Paralysis! WHY do we hang out with THAT again? What’s so funny about it, too, is that the people who struggle most with perfectionism are usually pretty awesome. You are a case in point — I couldn’t find anything wrong with you or your video. It never once occurred to me, “Wow! This video is highly imperfect.”

    As I recently told a friend, “Assert your right to have a whole lot of shit wrong with you!” 😀

    • YES! Love your friends’ way with words Sue! And you are making me feel way better about this video. Maybe I will even try watching it again 🙂

      Great to hear your voice here!

  3. Well I loved your video… Unlike many it had no technical issues, a clear message and you spoke nice and clearly so I could hear what you were saying and see your face expressing your meaning. And of course the most important thing was that the message was worth hearing. Like your done is better than perfect mantra – going to try that one on myself. A very timely message for me too. I need to do a wholesale shop for essential oils after many years not buying them and now having more exacting needs for their quality. Those kinds of prioritising decisions never come easy for me… I want to make the perfect choice of vendor, quality, price and number and kinds of oil. So I keep putting it off. Meantime we don’t have pain relieving, respiratory or hormonal normalising oils that just might help us feel better today. Time to chant done is better than perfect til I get it done… Thank you 🙂

    • Well, thank you! And I’m thrilled that this has inspired you to go ahead and take a step even if not perfect. You can always get it more perfect next time, right? I certainly know that feeling of wanting to do all the research before making the decision – you must be a fact finder!

      Good luck on sourcing your essential oils! You’ve probably already figured out your best choices, but I suggest Prima Vera, Oshadhi or Mountain Rose Herbs.

      And wow! you loved the video! really? now I really do have to go back and watch it!

  4. I love your blog Sarah! We have very similar backgrounds as I am an herbalist, massage therapist, reiki master, speaker, wellness coach and I let my ghost writer out of the closet!! LOL….I did this based on taking imperfect action. I had to get out of my own way….. Thanks for all that you do!! 🙂

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