Self Care Secrets From 13 Wise And Empowered Women


Hey, it’s a party!

Today I’m throwing open the virtual doors to Holistic Hot Sauce!

And what better way to celebrate than to bring you a big bunch of wisdom from nearly 50 visionary women.

These are women who, at midlife, have taken the leap to step into their power and shine. Women who have gathered the courage to kick self-doubt to the curb, dive deep into the creative well, and share their true gifts.

I talked to authors, healers, poets, coaches, entrepreneurs, and artists – and each offered a new twist on ways to love up our own selves.

These ladies are shaking up their own holistic hot sauce and sharing it with the world!

And guess what? They’re inviting you, me, all of us to join in the fun!

Whether you’re 30 , 45, or 75 – it’s never too late to dive in, have fun & radiate your inner goddess.

Got that? It’s. Not. Too. Late!

This is what Holistic Hot Sauce is all about.

I’ve been on a journey for about a year now, seeking both within and without. Always with the question in mind:

How can I harness my gifts, share them, and make that my life’s work?

I never expected I would discover so many amazing mentors and new friends along the way – not just friends, but true soul sisters. I’ve connected with men and women of all ages, from far-flung places all over the planet. What an affirmation that I’m on the right path!

It All Starts With Loving Your Own Self

To bust out the Holistic Hot Sauce I chose a few dozen women whose work I admire and love. I wanted to know how they nurture their body and spirit to do the work they do. I asked them:

“What is your favorite self-care routine that connects you back to your passion and keeps you aligned with your dreams?”

Oh my Goddess! I was blown away by the quality (and quantity) of the responses.

I’m not kidding when I say these are some wise women I’ve found here.

Get ready to be inspired!

Today it’s my gift to you to introduce you to 13 of these courageous and inspiring women. Maybe one of them is your soul sister!

Tomorrow, I’ll bring you 13 more ideas for exquisite self-care, each described in original and poetic detail. And the next day, 13 more…this is going on all week!

(Oh and there’s prizes too….read on for the details!)

Nearly 50 ways to love and care for yourself (without leaving your lover – unless you want to.)

And let’s not stop there!

Once you read these? Let’s keep sharing the wisdom! Use the comment section below to share what feeds your soul!

Let’s keep this Self-Care Circle alive.

What’s that you say? You’re wondering about my self care routine? I’ll be sharing my own self-care treats on one of these installments. And a confession too….

Today I give you, in no particular order, a bonanza self-care wisdom to activate your own inner knowing.

Which idea will YOU adopt?


Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author and Intuitive Guide

Surrender is my favorite self-care routine.

I am impatiently stubborn and stubbornly impatient. I want to go at the pace of my brain, my vision, my desires rather than at the pace of my humanity and the needs of my heart.

So when I find myself drifting into the flatland of “I’m just going to go open a cheese shop” which is my shorthand for “Why did I ever think writing/teaching/bringing beauty into being was a good idea?” which is also sign that I have been impatiently stubbornly pushing myself, I surrender.

Okay, that’s not true. I think about surrendering. Then I flail around for awhile longer, and whine, and look for someone to say “Oh yes, it is so hard.”

That is, increasingly, very boring. Yawn.

Surrender looks like:

Getting up from the desk. Come with me. Get up.

Go do something loving for yourself: warm water over cold hands, or face buried in lilacs, or saying to yourself, “I trust myself to handle what life brings.”

Then ask something other then little grasping flailing you to help you.  Ask with your head bowed.

“Please help me. Thank you.”

Rest. Wait. Listen. Bow your head again and again.

I’m right there with you.


Sue Mitchell, Creative Project Coach

Without question, when I need to realign with my dreams, I head outside. Spending time in nature, especially walking, is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

If my thoughts have been spinning in circles in my head, being outside helps release them. The rhythm of walking puts me into a semi-trance, which allows intuition and inspiration to surface.

I really can’t remember a time I’ve come back from an outdoor walk without renewed energy and clarity


Susun Weed , The Original Wise Woman Herbalist

My bare feet keep me connected: to the Earth and the energy of the Mother, to myself and the state of my health, to my vision of herbal medicine as people’s medicine, and to my passionate need to be a voice for the plants.

We insulate ourselves from the Earth’s heartbeat when we wear shoes; going barefoot realigns me with the rhythms of Nature. We must harden our hearts to the pain we cause the plants and the soil with our shoes; going barefoot opens my heart (and my inner ear) to the joyous songs of the plants.

We detach from ourselves – and often even injure ourselves – when we wear shoes; going barefoot helps me slow down, be present, listen to my body, and become intimate with my surroundings. (Reflex points on the bottoms of the feet correspond to organs and systems; if walking barefoot is painful, then I know my health is not up to snuff, and I know what needs attention.)

Bare feet on the Earth: serenity, ecstasy, wholeness. People’s medicine is free medicine. Green blessings surround us.


Barrie Davenport, Career and Life transition Coach, Live Bold & Bloom

I have a self-care routine that I’ve adopted in the last year — riding my bike. I live near a river that has a beautiful bike path next to it. Not only do I get great exercise and get to spend time in a beautiful setting, but also my bike rides are my time for introspective and creative brainstorming.

My passion is writing and blogging about personal development topics (mainly how to find and live your passion). So many of my ideas for posts and books have arisen during these bike rides. The freedom of riding my bike seems to clear my head and open up energy for inspired ideas.

Now I just need to figure out how to write them down and bike at the same time


Lea Woodward, Teacher, Pathfinder, Tech Goddess

It’s less a routine, in the sense of doing something to a specific schedule, and more something I do when all the signs are there…when I feel like I’m having to push too hard and things just aren’t flowing easily.

To connect back to my passion and keep myself aligned with my dreams, I take a break. I step away from a project totally, for as long as I need to.

This isn’t always physically, i.e. going on holiday, but I will switch off mentally from whatever I’ve been working on. If I catch myself thinking about it, I’ll stop – and instead focus on clearing away the mental clutter and random thoughts which keep flitting through my head.

And then after a while, I’ll take a look at the emails I send myself which summarise my overall goals and ask myself “How can I achieve this more elegantly, more effortlessly and with less friction?”.

Then I get ready to receive the answer because if it doesn’t come immediately, I know it will come at some point…and it usually does, dropping fully formed into my head while I’m in the shower 🙂


Amy Grams, Nutrition Coach

My favorite self-care routine that keeps me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and connected to my passion is yoga.

But not just any yoga!  I’ve had chronic sciatica my entire adult life, so I’ve never been able to do yoga without pain until about 2 years ago when I stumbled upon one DVD, Crunch Candlelight Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe.  I’ve done this workout at least a hundred times now and I still love it.

It relaxes me, clears my mind and opens up my intuition in a totally unique way.  I often put the DVD on pause to scribble down an inspiration and finish feeling like I just had a massage!


Mary Jacksh – Co-creator at A-List Blogging Bootcamps

To be aligned is important. But, to what?

I think it’s much more important to be aligned with aspirations, than with dreams.

Dreams are forms of ambition – a wish to be different in the future from how we are now. Whereas an aspiration is the wish to be the fullest expression of who we really are. I think that’s a much stronger driving force.

All true aspirations are impossible to fulfill. They are like stars that we navigate through life. They light our way, but we can never reach them.

My aspiration is to help others recognize their true strength, their true talent.

A simple way to align myself with my aspiration is to meditate. I’ve been practicing Zen meditation for over 25 years now. Each morning, I devote some time to sit in meditation. And during the day I touch base by using a simple meditation that I can do anywhere and at any time:

Breathing in I cherish myself

Breathing out I cherish all beings

This simple habit keeps my fire within burning bright.


Kathy Sprinkle, Coach and Blogger Extraordinaire, Bliss Habits

As someone blessed with very good health I have, over the years, given very little thought to self care in the typical sense. I do however, have a silver bullet that has served me well.

When I was in my twenties I read  Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret in which he wrote, “You become what you think about.” This was so eye-opening for me at the time and ever since I have made it a practice to think about good things. I read uplifting books and websites and start each day looking for beauty and inspiration.

Whenever things are not going my way I can ask myself “What are you thinking about?” and see where I have gone off track. A positive attitude makes me better able to handle stress in constructive ways and when faced with difficulty I approach things with a can do attitude. This generally optimistic state I promote helps to keep me healthy and focused on the things that are important to me.


Susannah Conway, Photographer, Teacher, Author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (forthcoming June 2012)

I‘m a big fan of hot baths laced with oil, healthy eating and chilling on my sofa under a blanket, but my favourite self-care routine is to go out into the world with my camera in my hand. Doesn’t matter where I go — I can turn a jaunt to the supermarket into a photography safari if I’m in the right mind. I look for colours and shapes, vignettes that catch my eye. I switch off from my worries when I take photograph and connect with inspiration in a much more visceral way. It’s active, it’s engaging and it gets me out into the world. Perfect.


Patti Foy, Intuitive and Blogger at Light Spirited Being

First, thank you, Sarah, for asking such a great question and for hosting us in your exciting new space! It’s a day worth celebrating and I wish you all the best!

I actually have two favorites and when I combine them, the result is heavenly. Journaling has been consistently healing for me, for a good 40+ years now. I sometimes laugh thinking that if anyone ever found and read my journals they’d think I had a horrible life because that’s where I turn when I’m feeling like a mess. Inevitably, getting all the thoughts that are boinging around in my head onto paper helps unravel what is going on, and enables me to see the real essence of what my spirit is trying to say to me.

The second favorite routine is to be in nature. I’m so fortunate to live in the mountains, and the natural surroundings are as important to me as air. Nature is so healing and always helps me see and experience life from a broader perspective. I get out of my head, into the moment, and invariably into an uplifted space of deep gratitude for this miraculous thing called life.  May yours be full of blessings!


Karen Caterson, Writer & Creator of Square-Peg Life Support Guides

I have a number of tools in my self-care toolbox, but the two that I really couldn’t do without – the ones that keep me connected to myself, others and Source – are yoga and a daily journaling/mapmaking exercise based on the work of Andrea Schroeder.

Yoga, which I stumble through (I mean that literally! Having spent much of my life in my head, not connected to my body – I am not physically graceful or coordinated) connects me to my body, the foundation of all other connection. And my journaling/mapmaking connects me to my dreams.


Meg Wordon, Health Coach, Speaker, Writer at Feed Me, Darling.

My absolutely favorite self care routine (at this moment) is Sunday afternoon soups. With an incredibly busy life, I don’t get to cook every day and, with many interests, I don’t really want to. So I do much of my food preparations on Sunday.

The process of slicing vegetables, mincing garlic, grating ginger and measuring spices is an active meditation on nourishment. And, of course, it is nourishment. Big win. I use intention to infuse the food with love and always, always listen to music. My current Sunday soundtrack is Sundays At The Village Vanguard by Bill Evans Trio. My current favorite soup is Gingered Carrot from Molly Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook.


Tara Rodden Robinson, The Productivity Maven

My favorite self-care routine that connects me back to my passion is a little whacky: I float in a sensory deprivation tank. Floating is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced: it’s absolutely silent and completely dark, the water is at body temperature so I hardly feel it at all. It’s like being alone in a starless sky.

Being in such intense solitude is amazingly restorative to my body and my mind, but it’s my creativity that benefits the most. I emerge from the tank with a sense of calm and peace that is unmatched. Because I have to drive 90 miles to visit the float center, I don’t get to engage in this routine as often as I’d like, but when I do, I can always expect to feel incredibly nurtured and cared for and completely reconnected with my inner-voice which is where my passion and dreams come from.


So there you have it – the first 13 wonderful, wise & witchy ways to care for your beautiful self.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet 13 more passionate, creative woman – because the party continues!

More self-care secrets PLUS a surprise giveaway! Because what’s a party without some prizes? One of my favorite coaches is giving away something very special to a lucky winner. And I’ve got some other goodies up my sleeve too.

See you tomorrow!



And now it’s your turn. Share in the comments below your answer to the question: What is your favorite self-care routine that connects you back to your passion and keeps you aligned with your dreams?

Or, tell us which of the above talks to you and why.


Balloon Photo Credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

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67 Responses to Self Care Secrets From 13 Wise And Empowered Women

  1. Yay Sarah,
    I am your first customer at your grand re-opening…

    What a wonderful list of amazing women. I really enjoyed reading all the different self care techniques. Each one with a unique routine that works for them. Reading these made me think of a few forgotten self care routines that i used to enjoy, kick boxing, yoga, hot scented baths and bq’ing in my backyard while drinking a glass of wine and watching my husband grill some steaks..

    It’s too bad when we get busy, we sometimes neglect our own self care thinking it isn’t necessary but in fact it is so so necessary. I’m so much more productive and happy and my outlook on life is so much better when i take care of ME first..

    Thanks for the inspiring post Sarah. The new site LOOKS AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yay Annie! Thanks for being the very first visitor and commenter! (It helps to live in a time zone several hours ahead of the rest of us!)

      It’s so true that it’s easy to get “too busy” to attend to our self care, I wrote about that a little in Wednesday’s post. But – oh so important! And it doesn’t have to be something else to fit into the schedule, sometimes just kicking back with that glass of wine is perfect!

  2. Hey, Sarah!

    Ooooo, I love your new space and your new vibe — so fun and enlivening! I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    Thanks for a great post. I’m not only getting some new tips but also getting to “meet” some cool ladies! 😉

    And hmmm, do I sense an ebook coming on? This is surely a good start for one!

    Wishing you tons of success with this, and thanks for sharing your brilliant self with us!

    • Ah Patti, well we knew you were psychic! That very idea is percolating in this little brain of mine.

      Thanks for stopping by on day 1. And be sure to return, lots more great self care ideas pouring in.

  3. Wowzers–these sure are nice new digs! Congrats on your launch.

    I have two self-care routines that keep me focused. The first is a nightly soak in the bathtub. I could never, ever live somewhere without a tub! The warm water relaxes me and forces me to stop for a minute.

    The second routine is a trip to the beach, and I do it far too infrequently as it’s just a 10-minute drive away. Walking with my feet in the water or simply sitting on the warm sand and letting the sound of the ocean waves bring my blood pressure back to normal is so restorative.

    • Thanks for the kind words on the new home Ellen!

      Love both of your ideas. Unfortunately we rented out part of our house to a roommate this year – and that part includes the bathtub bathroom! I’m still trying to figure out how to get my baths back in – although I never treated myself to nightly! Considering an outdoor tub. And I love the way the ocean calms me! Don’t get out there enough either, and I’m probably a few minutes closer than you are.

  4. Congratulations on the new site Sarah, it looks amazing!

    My all time favourite self-care practice is silence. When I’m done my work for the day I often turn everything off and sit or read in silence. It nourishes me like nothing else! I love going away to silent retreats for 4-10 days, but when I don’t have time for that even an hour every day at home nourishes me.

    • Thanks Sandi!

      And I love this idea of silence. I think that’s what I like best about working at home. I don’t even listen to music usually. It’s just such a peaceful feeling to turn off all the jangle for a while. Still haven’t tried the silent retreat yet. Something I want to experience at some point. I might just start with a couple of days too. 10 days?? Scary.

  5. Congratulations, Sarah! The site looks fabulous and feels so vibrant!

    Reading about different self-care practices was good. It’s interesting how different things invigorate different people. What Jen, Sue, Meg, and here Sandi shared resonate with me the most. I’m also really curious about Tara’s self-care solution. I haven’t tried a float tank before. And now I’m totally curious about it. It sounds like something I could get addicted to!

    • Thanks Cigdem!

      I actually floated in one of those tanks many, many years ago as research for an article for my college newspaper. I think it was a brand new invention back then. At the time i found the experience disconcerting and uncomfortable. I was not yet comfortable with my own inner thoughts at 19. But now I think it would be such a sweet and blessed relief. I’m going to try to do it again soon. Tara inspired me!

  6. excited to be here with you, and to read these luscious offers. when i think how far the conversation about self-care has come since I wrote my first book, it makes me cry with pleasure and joy. congrats on your new “digs” !!!

    • Thanks Jen! I’m loving the ‘digs’ myself.

      Your book (Women’s Comfort Book) was one of my very first introductions to self care ideas for women. I absolutely loved it! We sold dozens of copies at Moonrise Herbs back in the day. It IS great that the conversation has expanded and grown over the years!

  7. Sarah, I am already loving the feeling of this place. You are creating something wonderful here!

    I especially love Kathy’s idea about asking yourself, “What are you thinking about?” and Meg’s Soup Sunday. I actually used to prepare a whole month’s worth of soups one Sunday a month and stash them in the freezer to enjoy all month (not the same as fresh, but what’s a workin’ girl to do?) Maybe this fall we can have a healthy soup recipe sharing post!

    (Champagne and fireworks)

    • Oops I used the wrong brackets and WordPress read my words as code. I did not just say “and,” LOL. I said:

      *clink* and *kaboom!*
      (Champagne and fireworks)

    • Woo Hoo! It IS time for champagne Sue! And that’s another way for a gal to nourish and care for herself – yes?

      I also liked that idea of a soup-making Sunday. It does feel so good to putter around the kitchen and know you are creating nourishment for yourself and loved ones – especially if it can last for a week or more!

      Great idea about a healthy soup-sharing post! I’ll keep that on in the hopper!

  8. There are two things that feed my soul – walking in the verdant green of Spring turning into Summer, and making art. With art, it especially feeds my soul when I let go of pre-planning, and just GO.

    • Ah lovely Kristina! Isn’t this a beautiful time of year? It just feeds my soul to step outside and look at that vibrant green grass and all the flowers budding and blooming!

      I’m wanting to incorporate more art-making into my life. That is one of my aspirations for the year.

      Thanks for visiting Holistic Hot Sauce and for your comment!

  9. Thanks for including me with such a stellar panel of women! I’m with Cigdem – I want to try the sensory deprivation tank. Sounds incredibly relaxing. Congratulations on your new site and I think you should consider going with the bouffant every day. Super cute! 😉

    • LOL Amy! Maybe I would do the bouffant more often if it didn’t require way more hours in the salon chair than I’m willing to spend!

      I’m ready to give another try to the floatation tank too! Thanks for your wonderful contribution to this post today.

  10. Congratulations, Sarah, on the launch of your fabulous new site!

    I loved reading about others’ self-care routines and found Tara’s especially intriguing. I find meditation to be incredibly soul-renewing and creativity-inspiring, and it keeps me spiritually grounded. I can only imagine that to meditate while floating in a sensory-deprivation tank, would take it to an even deeper level.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading the additional responses to your self-care question over the next several days. 😉

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words about the site Lisa!

      And you’re up next, love your soulful contribution as well. I agree – the sensory deprivation tank might be what I need to finally quiet down that chatterbox mind of mine while I’m meditating!

  11. Congrats, Sarah – this is such a lovely space! I enjoyed the loving self-care ideas shared here and am looking forward to seeing the next group. How wonderful to “meet” women who care about loving themSelves!!

    • Yes, Karen, that was my favorite part of creating this post. I was so excited to connect readers with all of these wonderful women who have such good stuff to share. You included! Wisdom comes in many forms..:-)

  12. Excitement and energy are two things I’m always trying to generate! Love the Holistic Hot Sauce concept. Let’s keep it spicy!

    Congratulations on launching your site, Sarah.

    • Thanks Loran! I’m having fun with spicing it all up – definitely a way to generate both energy and excitement. It’s a lot of fun too.

      Thanks for stopping by today! You’re self care wisdom is up next.

  13. Congratulations, Sarah! Holistic Hot Sauce is just what I was looking for to spice up my life and meet amazing people like the wise women featured in your first post.

    One of my favorite self-care routines is to write what I call Dream Scenes — little scenarios that represent what I want to create for myself in the future. Not only do my Dream Scenes act like breathing spaces and mini escapes, but they are also a great way to exercise my creativity muscle and get clear about what I’m truly passionate about. After I’ve written one, I feel like I’ve been to the Future Life Store, trying on various outfits!

    • Well, well Carol. You just helped to educate me that this activity I used to feel guilty about is actually a wonderful way to practice self care!

      I got told so often as a kid to ‘quit my day dreaming’ that I got a negative connotation about creating dream scenes. Thank you so much for this lovely reminder that this is actually a creative and self-nurturing practice.

      With your inspiration I’m not going to stop at just imagining but write these dream scenes down more often.

  14. I don’t think much about self care unless I’m in the depths – then I have little pickmeups that have nothing to do with affirmations because at that point my lizard brain is skeptical of anything that sounds chirpy. So, in the midst, I find other things that bring me back to the moment and its perfection: I bury my nose in my pugs belly and breathe in her dogness, or take her and my other pug out for their night walk where I can hear the trees (whose whispers speak differently in different seasons) and see the stars – and sometimes hear owls having a converastion! I move into “idle” by an on-line game or stringing beads without thought. I enjoy my pillow, blanket in bed at night and my husband beside me. I have compassion for the part of me that is feeling scared or angry and allow myself space to breathe. Because I am forever and always forgetting to breathe!

    • Wow Tammy, what wonderful (and eloquent) descriptions of self care. It sounds like you’ve got some fantastic strategies to bring yourself back into balance. Night walks are one of my favorites too, when all is quiet except for those trees rustling and the occasional owl.

      And yes, Breathing. So important. And so easy to forget how to ‘really’ do it.

      Thanks for your beautiful comment Tammy.

  15. Hey Sarah! I’m lovin’ the Sauce! Great job!

    My favorite way to keep aligned with my passions is to meet with a close group of women friends known as “The Tribe” and our tribal gatherings almost always leave me feeling inspired and ready to go out into the world and use my Gift!

    • Oh yes Bobbi! You’ve hit on one of my favorites too! Whether it’s a ritual circle, or a sitting around the table with some wine – my time with my girlfriends is always so nurturing and renewing

      Thanks for the visit and comment. You’re up next!

  16. Hey Sarah! Congrats on the new launch! I love the fun name! 🙂

    I love making lists. Whatever ‘problem’ I’m having – overstressed, undermotivated, overexcited, whatever it is – making a list of 100 things I can do about it always gives me a lot of hope, and gets me back in gear. Making my lists outside on a beautiful day with a mug of iced mint tea, and maybe a little Reiki or photography afterward, grounds the excitement I get from list making to a nice peaceful state of mind, and I’m ready to go. 🙂

    Okay, I really want to try that sensory deprivation tank, now! So fun to see everyone’s routines here. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words on the site Kate!

      And thanks even more for this great idea! 100 things to do about it! That is truly an awesome strategy for shifting the energy. And the mug of iced mint tea, mmmm! (Although it’s usually so cold around here, it might have to be a warm mug!)

  17. Beautiful start for your amazing new blog! Congratulations!! My favorite self-care to nurture my soul is to drive west on the Klamath River Highway about two miles so I’m out of town and surrounded by wilderness, then spend the day lounging in the shade reading a book, writing, meditating and/or playing my buffalo drum. (I think the trees and animals are loving the new drum!)

    • Ahh, time spent under the trees surrounded by the peace of the forest is always a pathway to more peace. Add in sound and music with your drum – and wow! I can only imagine how revitalized you must feel.

      Thanks for your visit and sweet words Linda!

  18. Really cool post and cool place!

    I usually convince myself as soon as I wake up that today I will take at least a very small step to get closer to my dream – few lines to write, few things to read, few small pleasures to experience 🙂

    Once you look back and see that you did not spend your day in vain and did something for getting where you wanna be you feel fullfiled 🙂

    • Such a good point Ani! It’s a self care technique just to review the day and think about ‘what went well?’ It’s so easy to dwell on all the things that didn’t go as envisioned, or the missing pieces. Much more nurturing to celebrate those little successes!

  19. Sarah, I absolutely adore your new site! It feels nurturing just being here. It is so great reading about everyone’s self care routines. I find meditation wonderful and I try once a year to treat myself to a really special weekend at a meditation retreat. It is like stepping off the world.

    Looking forward to visiting often!

    • Thanks Claire – great to have you here!

      I’m also really enjoying my morning meditation routing – and I’m getting so many awesome ideas from the women I’m featuring here. One of these days I’ll treat myself to one of those retreats. It does sound like sheer bliss.

  20. WOW! Your site looks fabulous!! I am also so honored to be included in this amazing group of women! I knew “of” many but what a treat it is to get to know them in this way!

    I have always wanted to try a sensory deprivation tank like Tara mentioned and Susun has me slipping off my shoes! Looking forward to the next installment! This is marvelous!

    • Thank you Kathy! I am honored to include you – and to be featured over at Bliss Habits today!

      The sensory deprivation tank has definitely piqued some interest for all of us – I’m ready to go try one!

  21. What a pleasure to be here, and what a treat it is to read this post. A true gift indeed! My self-care routine consists of healthy eating, a positive attitude, meditation and enjoying living in the moment. I look around me and find beauty in every little thing. Being nice to everyone brings me mental peace. Giving makes me happy. I am focused and love my work as a writer and blogger and like to simplify life as much as possible.

    Thank you for this wonderful post – and I’ll be back tomorrow to read the next 13. Great women in the list, Sarah!

    • Thank you so very much for you kind words Vidya, and for your visit. You sound like you are so calm and focused on caring for yourself through healthy foods and a peaceful lifestyle.
      You make such an important point that we can feel cared for when we notice the beauty in the things around us. Thanks again for sharing with us!

    • Thanks Paige. It’s true, I’m learning so much from the comments too! I love that we can keep the wisdom flowing and sharing. You’re up soon!

  22. Yum. I love this post. What a divine and generous sharing.

    My favorite self-care routine is the sacred feminine ritual of a soaking in a hot lavender and epsom salt bath. I surround myself with candle light, a great novel and a cup of chamomile tea. Some of my most creative ideas bubble to the surface while in the tub.

    • Ahh, yes Shann. The hot bath has got to be the ultimate, inexpensive pampering experience. Nice idea to combine lavender and epsom salts. And of course candles are essential!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting today. Hope to see you around here often!

  23. You’re certainly starting off with a bang Sarah. The design is great but, more importantly, the content is up to your usually high standards.

    One of my favorite self-care routines is reading an article in the morning from someone who inspires me. I keep their wisdom in my mind for the rest of the day and it helps to stay on a path avoiding food I don’t want to eat (but have trouble resisting), doing exercise I want to do, and the other things that make me smile and healthy.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words about the site Joel! Great to have you here!

      I’m learning so much from these comments – and one of the most important is that self-care can take so many forms. Reading an inspiring article with mindfulness – this is a wonderful idea. I often find myself feeling guilty for taking the time for reading articles when I “”should” be working or creating. But when I soak in those works with mindfulness – ah, now that’s a different thing.

  24. Sarah,

    The site looks awesome, and so much powerful advice from empowered women 🙂

    My favourite self-care routine is journaling and reading for fun. That’s what gets me back in the groove, relaxes me, calms me.

    • Thanks Dolly – so glad you’re enjoying the site and all this amazing wisdom! I’m with you on the journaling and reading. I am always rejuvenated when I get some time with a good book, and even though I sometimes resist getting started with any kind of writing, I always feel so much better once it gets going. It’s working great for me to write a few pages in my journal after my morning meditation. Gives a self-care start to the day!

  25. Beautiful site, truly inspiring and love these self-care tips – I’m a good book in a hammock or by a log-fire kind of girl x

    • Ah yes, swing in the hammock with a great book is pretty much a version of heaven. So glad you’re liking the site Jo. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again!

  26. Congrats on the launch, Sarah! It looks fantastic, and I’m loving the first post. So much to be learned from these lovely ladies! 🙂
    I really resonated with Jennifer Louden – I often try to keep up with my brain instead of my heart. My brain is telling me: “read more blogs! Improve this! Fix that!” , but my heart is telling me to “Chill out. You’ll get where you need to be, there’s no rush.” The idea of surrending is so powerful, one that seems to keep popping up for me lately. Maybe it’s time to listen. 🙂

    •  @ZenCaffeine  We’re right on the same page with that! Brain and heart sure like to spar – why is that anyway? But when we let the heart have the say – that’s when the magic happens. It’s a balance but heart will usually tell us when she’s ready for brain time again. Always a journey, isn’t it? Thanks so much for your congratulations and glad so much of this is resonating for you, Kaylee!

  27. […] a series today with potent pointers from wise women about their favorite self-care rituals. You can find the first one here (where I’m one of the featured ladies ), and be sure to read them all because there are some great […]

  28. I’m feeling left out again 🙂 
    Great post! To be honest, until the past few months I’ve never thought about self-care. Now that I do think about, my life it much better than it use to be. I wish they taught about self-care in school, or had bloggers like yourself come in to give guest lectures/assemblies. 

    •  @HappierHuman Ooh, I like that idea! We do need these kinds of ideas to be taught to us as children! It would lead to so much more happiness and to living a more balanced life. Because of course most schools teach kinds the opposite: they must work and work and work to succeed.
      Thanks for the interesting comment! And I’m glad you’re starting to think about self-care for your own self!

  29. Love, love, love the title…design and most of all content!  Congrats on this new format. Great post and can’t wait for more!

    •  @JaneRobinson So glad this is working for you Jane! Thanks for your visit and I’ll be delivering lots more of the same.

  30. Hi Sarah, Love your site.  I’m sorry it’s taken me until now to comment.  We “Women Over 50” have so much life, energy and wisdom to offer.  Being Over 50 can be such a happy and joyful time of our lives as long as we do take care of ourselves.  We are finally at a place in our lives that we now have the time to do for us.  Home and family is so important in my life and exercise and good nutrition is priority so that I can enjoy my life, home and family.  The most powerful self care activity for me is being creative.  No matter what I have going on during the day, with our business, my website, time with family, etc., I try to keep a schedule so that my husband and I sit down and have dinner together at 6:00, and then the evening is for ME!  I knit, quilt, sew, or whatever creative idea happens to pop into my head.  This calms me, centers me, and makes me Happy!

    •  @NinaKnox What a lovely routine for self-care! I think it makes a huge difference for self-employed people if they set aside time that is distinctly NOT about work. And devoting some of that time to fulfilling creative activities is so nurturing. It’s true that crafts like sewing and knitting can really be centering and calming. It’s been along time since I’ve crocheted or knitted – but you’re making me think it’s high time I found some yarn and got going on this again. A perfect balance to computer time! 
      Thanks so much Nina for visiting the blog and your comment. Look forward to seeing you here again.

  31. What a lovely site so glad found it this evening over here in England, slightly older viewer age 68, but have so many friends needing a lot of this holistic wisdom nowadays, many living alone or wishing to liven up their later lives.
    I live Hampshire with my greyhound Fern, have a younger son living nearby with his family though.   Great!
    Irish music always helps me to brighten up.  Marion Wakelin Liss Hants England

    •  @Marion Wakelin  – I’m so glad you discovered the site and enjoyed this article. My hope that is that viewers of any age can still get enjoyment and benefit from the stories and healing articles here. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might enjoy and get some inspiration.
      I love Irish music too! 25 years married to an Irish American, so I’ve enjoyed it for a while. A few good friends have formed an Irish music band called “The Vanishing Pints.” They are a lot of fun – they do the upbeat danceable stuff.
      Thanks for your visit and I hope you see you here again Marion.

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