Simple Skin Care: How To Make A Natural Face Scrub

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Who doesn’t long for healthy, radiant skin?

It doesn’t matter if you’re worrying about wrinkles or peevish about pimples, whatever your age or gender, you know you gotta do right by your face. I mean, let’s ‘face’ it, that’s the part we see in the mirror every day. And facial skin is ultra delicate and needs even more pampering than the rest of us.

Mainstream cosmetic companies like to capitalize on our facial fears and they’re constantly coming up with new and  ever more expensive products to wash, scrub, tone, moisturize, masquify, detox, peel, or whatever. (And I’m not knocking them all, some of these products – the groovy, natural ones of course – can work wonders on troubled skin. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Hauschka’s biodynamic skincare line, for example. But my pocketbook is not.)

This avalanche of skincare products is often packaged so prettily and accompanied by such compelling advertising that we find ourselves reaching into our wallets for yet another try for that dewy, glowing skin so revered in the women’s magazines.

But maybe your wallet is getting a bit skinny these days – or perhaps you’ve been raising your eyebrows at the long list of unpronounceable ingredients listed on the containers of the affordable skincare products at your local drug store.

If that’s the case, I’ve got good news for you:  You can make just about every skincare product that you need. And you can do it using all natural ingredients – many of them residing in your own kitchen right now.

Yep – that’s right, you can make your own facial wash, scrubs, toners, moisturizers, masks – all of it. And most of them require very little effort. In fact, the recipe below probably takes less time to whip up than a trip to CVS or the local department store to plunk down the cash.

Okay, it’s true that some skincare products (especially lotions and creams) require a few more ingredients and maybe some trial and error before you achieve the desired results – but all ingredients are easily found online or in herb shops, and you still end up with a superior product that won’t produce weird side effects from those scary-sounding preservatives.

This is the first of a five-part series:  Simple Skincare. Get ready to toss out those stinky, scented scrubs and peels and for your pores and facial cells to curtsey to you in thanks. (Now, that’s a funny visual, I wish I was a cartoonist!)

Each week I’ll post a recipe or two for skin-care sweeties that your face will love, and that you’ll have fun whizzing up. Today check out this easy facial scrub that you may be able to put together with just a trip to your kitchen cupboards and medicine chest. You will need a few herbs, so a visit to your local herb or health food store may be in order.

You can grind herbs and dried flower petals in a coffee grinder.

You’ll also need a blender or coffee grinder to grind ingredients. If you use a coffee grinder I strongly suggest reserving one just for your herbal concoctions – otherwise your face scrub will reek of French Roast and your morning cup of java may taste a bit like lavender. (But don’t this hold you up. If you just have a coffee grinder, clean out the coffee residue as best you can and have at it.)

Impatient? Want to make up all your own products for a complete facial care regime right now? You can find dozens of recipes in the plethora of books out there on the subject. Visit your local independent bookstore and have a browse. Some of my favorites are:  The Herbal Body Book and  Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair.

But – there’s a reason I’m doling out these recipes in small doses. A few weeks ago my daughters and I –being totally impatient sorts – decided to make up a whole mess of facial products in one afternoon. And let me tell you – the key word here is MESS! As in what a #%@! mess that was to clean up!

Since the tips I share on this blog are supposed to be “easy and fun,” it just didn’t seem right to set you up for an hour of kitchen clean-up. If you possess more patience than we did, your life will be much more pleasant if you make one product at a time. And you won’t find yourself snapping off someone’s head as you pull out the mop.

Okay – here’s the first recipe. You can use this ‘scrub’ every day, it’s that gentle.

Face scrub mix
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Simple Herbal Facial Scrub

1 cup green clay (for oily skin) or white clay (for normal to dry skin)
½ cup oats, ground to a powder
1/8 – 1/4 cups almonds, ground to a powder (use more if your skin is dry)
2 Tablespoons lavender flowers, ground
2 Tablespoons roses, ground
2 Tablespoons calendula flowers, ground

(Use dried herbs, not fresh)

Stir all ingredients together in a bowl, then pour into a container (preferably glass) with a tight fitting lid.

To use, simply combine 1-2 teaspoons of the face cleanser with enough water to make a paste. Gently massage into face making sure not to pull on skin. Rinse with warm water.

Options: Add a drop or two of carrot seed essential oil, or other essential oil to the dry paste and combine well. Instead of mixing the paste with water, you could use pure rose water or a combination of rose water and honey.

You can get fancy and make snazzy labels for your scrub, decorate them with colorful designs, and decorate your bathroom or give some away as gifts. You could even look around for vintage glass jars or cool ceramic containers. Do be sure the lid secures tightly though.


It’s as easy as that! Your first step to healthy, radiant skin – without the chemicals.


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