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True self-care isn’t another chore, or item for your to-do list.

It is a gift of self-love and nurturing, one that will lead you to a greater capacity to serve others, to fulfill your dreams, and not to mention to look and feel fantastic.

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In addition to contributions from 50 healers, coaches, authors and generally amazing women, this 83-page ebook will speak to you with stories, beautiful artwork, recipes and resources to gently guide you to discovering your own inner radiance.

In the chapter, “A Reluctant Journey To Self Care,” I share my personal story, and in “Am I Worthy?” you’ll read about why it’s so difficult for many women to allow themselves the gift of being cared for and cherished.

You’ll meet 50 fascinating women just like you, who are on their own journey to learning to love themselves and who are changing lives by sharing their gifts.

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