How My Coaching Works

What is a Life Coach anyway?

NOT a therapist. NOT a doctor. NOT a cheerleader. You’re not broken and you’re already brilliant.

A good coach will help you excavate out the moldering thoughts and beliefs that stop you in your tracks. As you clear that debris out, that brilliance inside of you is revealed—to you, and to those around you.

Your coach is your trusted guide, mentor, a companion to illuminate the murky areas, bring clarity a higher understanding.

Alchemist, Magician, Transformer. Your coach believes in YOU.

Soon you will too.

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I worked for Sarah for seven years in her successful retail business, Moonrise Herbs. I watched healing and transformation occur for so many people – with all kinds of conditions – all gently facilitated by Sarah.

Since then my admiration for Sarah has simply grown. She’s paying attention . . .  Sarah really listens and I think she senses what we personally need to bring out our best selves, and she does this all with sincerity and a delightful sense of humor.

Sarah’s making midlife look like a personal spa date with your very best friend, and then going out and doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

~Judy Sears, Organizing Consultant
Aligning Possessions + Place


Am I the right coach for you?

I’ve been a life coach all my life…. I just didn’t know it!

For two decades I ‘coached’ people every day while operating my herb shop/spiritual bookstore.

Now I call myself a “Reinvention Coach” or “Dream Resuscitator.” As a Certified Life Coach and EFT Practitioner, I understand how to move the energy and create real change.

My style of coaching is NOT about how to run faster on the hamster wheel! I open the window to illuminate the power and potential inside of YOU.

I draw on my Martha Beck coaching tools, my spiritual guidance, Law of Attraction, and over 30 years practicing herbalism and Goddess ritual. Most session packages include EFT and/or Matrix Reimprinting.


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As an Energetic Life Strategist I too am constantly working with other’s energy fields and sometimes have a “blind” spot when it comes to the work I am continuing to do for myself. Sarah’s compassionate nature made it feel safe and secure and allowed me to really dip into my “stuff” and begin the process of dissolving those challenges and reminding me that it is all OK! Her tools that she shared were very useful and I felt benefit immediately. It has unfolded a whole new layer of myself from where I am now maneuvering. Sarah holds a very comfortable space which allowed me to really get in touch with my humanness and all that messiness and it was fun and we laughed a lot at all of it!
~Lisa Giroux, Energetic Life Strategist


What We Do

You might be seeking clarity on the specifics of WHAT you will be doing to get life looking the way you want in your second half, or perhaps you already know your purpose or your dream but you’re stuck on how to move forward. Either way you have to start at the beginning.

STEP 1 – Clear the Gunk

The first step is to clear the gunk that’s stopping things up.

We do this using EFT and/or Matrix Reimprinting, because often that gunk is hanging out under the surface, deep inside your subconscious and these energy healing modalities will dislodge and dismantle those long-held beliefs that are ‘blocking the pipeline.”

And we get the conscious mind on board with this clearing process too. You’ll learn ways to direct it toward what you want, instead of consistently reinforcing what you don’t want in your life.

STEP 2 – Engage the Energy and Create the Action Plan

Now we’ll engage brain science along with a bit of magic and ritual, and you’ll get to manifesting new and different experiences, practices and people in your life – leading to the results and the life you are longing for.

STEP 3 – Maintain the Magic

Together we come up with some regular practices (ones that feel REALLY GOOD) that keep you in a high vibration to continue moving forward, enjoying the journey AND the results.


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Sarah brings a warmth, genuineness, and care to coaching. I felt a sincerity, and a room for depth, and openness that I really valued in each session. She does a great job of listening, and trying to tune into what the client is bringing forward and she brings a grounded, thoughtful, accessible way of relating. I particularly liked the way her sessions were holistic, spiritually receptive, and worked with creative exercises. Because Sarah was so open, interested, perceptive, and non-judgmental, I felt safe to reveal sensitive experiences and parts of myself

I came away from my coaching experience with a feeling of support, significant new insight about a core belief that was holding me back, and the ability through naming/working with that belief to have some real shifts.
Lena Richardson, Client, Portland, Oregon