What To Do When Life Gets Crazy

Getting ready to move
Getting ready to move

The following is Blog #2 in my 30-day commitment to a writing a blog every week day!

Do you tend to drop all your self-nurturing routines when the shit hits the fan in your life?

Ironic isn’t it? Just when we need it the most, we deny ourselves the very things that could make us feel better.

We all have practices and routines that help us to feel good in our bodies and uplift our vibe: Taking a bath. Actually sitting down and taking a breath before picking up the fork or spoon. Yoga. Stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air. Taking a couple of seconds for remembrance and gratitude. A hike. Working out. Meditating for one minute or twenty.

I could go on… But that’s not the point of today’s post.

My point is this:  Why the hell does most of this fall by the wayside when a big crisis or life change pops up, and  suddenly it’s crazytown. It could be the huge project push at work, or moving, or relatives staying at your house for ten days.

All of the sudden it’s like, ‘Yoga? what’s that?’

I know that’s what happened to me recently…. and I of all people should know better.

But noooo! The grandson was arriving and I spent nearly 24 hours toning with my daughter while she labored. Then he was here and I was on call for dish duty and—if I was lucky—baby-holding duty.

Life went topsy turvy as I prepared for my big move to Mexico. And there was a deadline. I had to have all those belongings sorted and dealt with before flight time.

At first I didn’t notice how many of my alignment practices had slipped away.

What clued me in was the furrowed brow in the mirror, the way I’d answer the question, “how are you doing?”

“Awesome!” should really have been the answer. I had a beautiful baby grandson and I was moving to a magical spot in Mexico for heaven’s sake!

But instead I’d launch into a litany of how busy I was.

Here’s the thing:  Shit is always going to hit the fan! And how we deal with it is directly related to how well we take care of our own vibration and energy. And how we take care of our vibration and energy is to engage in those practices and activities that give us joy.

Your brain will try to tell you “there’s not enough time.” But that’s just because the brain can’t wrap itself around the true nature of time. (Read about Einstein Time here.)

My yoga teacher once told me a great quote, “When you don’t have a half hour to meditate, that’s when you need to meditate for an hour.”

Well, I might change that to, “When you don’t have 5 minutes to meditate, that’s when you need to meditate for 10.”

Start where you are.

When life gets crazy and out of control—that’s EXACTLY the time you most need to get aligned. Take that walk, or that bath, dance, watch a movie. Whatever it is that will get you back to the happy place.

Do it and watch time expand.

That’s how to take the crazy out of crazytown.




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