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Slow The Aging Process with This Surprising Technique

Do you find yourself often reliving the past? Maybe going back to difficult conversations, but this time coming up with clever and incisive responses? Maybe you torture yourself by constantly revisiting painful episodes, feeling unable to exorcise them from your mind? There might be a period of your life when you felt particularly successful or…Continue Reading

Make Peace with Aging

Blog #14 in the Blog-each-weekday for a month commitment. Last year I led some workshops and presentations in Portland, Oregon and Arcata, California called Make Peace with Aging. Some of my Facebook friends were so excited about this topic, they asked how they could get in on it if they didn’t live nearby. So, last…Continue Reading

The Art of Self Love

Here’s #12 in my ‘Blog a Day’ commitment. I’m writing a new post each weekday for a month. My daughters grew up the the self esteem generation. It’s almost a little comical. I remember my youngest’s 8th grade graduation. About 80 kids were graduating that day, we sat through the speeches, and I proudly cheered when…Continue Reading