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Look How Far You’ve Come

When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back and some sincere congratulations for your accomplishments? Sure, if you just ran a marathon, or aced a TED Talk, you might be congratulating yourself—but I’m talking about acknowledging those baby steps that have inched you forward over the last week/month/year. If you’re…Continue Reading

How To Survive Transition

Years ago when I ran my little shop in California I used to freak out when a key employee handed in their notice. This happened way too frequently in this small college town, since most of these employees had larger ambitions than working in retail. “Oh no! Not again!” I’d moan to my (now ex)…Continue Reading

The Highly Sensitive Extrovert

Blog #15 in my Blog-each-weekday for a month commitment. I see a lot of articles and books these days geared to the HSP – highly sensitive person. Usually it’s assumed that these sensitive individuals are natural introverts. Yet—I’ve had to wonder about that. As a clear ENFJ on the Meyers Briggs scale, I know that I’m…Continue Reading