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How To Get What You Need When You’re Sick with the Flu (or anything else for that matter!)

Down with the flu? Or a nasty cold? Something else equally as miserable? Maybe, like me, you are now in recovery phase and you’re wondering how you can prevent next time from being quite as horrible an experience? (Or, maybe how to prevent there EVER BEING A NEXT TIME!) No, this isn’t one of those…Continue Reading

How To Survive Transition

Years ago when I ran my little shop in California I used to freak out when a key employee handed in their notice. This happened way too frequently in this small college town, since most of these employees had larger ambitions than working in retail. “Oh no! Not again!” I’d moan to my (now ex)…Continue Reading

Slow The Aging Process with This Surprising Technique

Do you find yourself often reliving the past? Maybe going back to difficult conversations, but this time coming up with clever and incisive responses? Maybe you torture yourself by constantly revisiting painful episodes, feeling unable to exorcise them from your mind? There might be a period of your life when you felt particularly successful or…Continue Reading