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How To Get What You Need When You’re Sick with the Flu (or anything else for that matter!)

Down with the flu? Or a nasty cold? Something else equally as miserable? Maybe, like me, you are now in recovery phase and you’re wondering how you can prevent next time from being quite as horrible an experience? (Or, maybe how to prevent there EVER BEING A NEXT TIME!) No, this isn’t one of those…Continue Reading

How To Survive Transition

Years ago when I ran my little shop in California I used to freak out when a key employee handed in their notice. This happened way too frequently in this small college town, since most of these employees had larger ambitions than working in retail. “Oh no! Not again!” I’d moan to my (now ex)…Continue Reading

The Art of Self Love

Here’s #12 in my ‘Blog a Day’ commitment. I’m writing a new post each weekday for a month. My daughters grew up the the self esteem generation. It’s almost a little comical. I remember my youngest’s 8th grade graduation. About 80 kids were graduating that day, we sat through the speeches, and I proudly cheered when…Continue Reading

What To Do When Life Gets Crazy

The following is Blog #2 in my 30-day commitment to a writing a blog every week day! Do you tend to drop all your self-nurturing routines when the shit hits the fan in your life? Ironic isn’t it? Just when we need it the most, we deny ourselves the very things that could make us…Continue Reading

Secret Strategies to Look and Feel Younger

Her jaw dropped and her large brown eyes widened in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? How is is possible you’re old enough to be a grandmother?” she sputtered. I giggled, “Well, I started young,” I replied. I’d just shared that my daughter would deliver my first grandson next month. I  paused before delivering my piece de resistance.…Continue Reading