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Slow The Aging Process with This Surprising Technique

Do you find yourself often reliving the past? Maybe going back to difficult conversations, but this time coming up with clever and incisive responses? Maybe you torture yourself by constantly revisiting painful episodes, feeling unable to exorcise them from your mind? There might be a period of your life when you felt particularly successful or…Continue Reading

Every Day Precious

Here’s #11 in my ‘Blog a Day’ commitment. I’m writing a new post each weekday for a month. I took my first sweet sip of tea. I’d just completed my morning ritual of stretching, meditation, Angel Cards, and journaling. As I savored my breakfast, the message arrived. My sister reporting in on a horrific tragedy that had…Continue Reading

On the Existence of Miracles

This is Blog #4 in my one-month commitment to a writing a new blog post every weekday! As a child attending Catholic school I learned that miracles were the exclusive providence of saints and, of course, Jesus himself. Lowly mortals like us only got the chance to read about them… and perhaps invoke the Divine notice of…Continue Reading