Let’s Get You Online!

Are you a healer, or an artist, or a coach who gets totally overwhelmed with technology?


Web hosting, SEO, Social Media, Twitter, Domain names, Email lists…. Every time you ask someone a question, more gibberish pours forth.

It’s enough to make you run screaming in the other direction.

But yet…. there’s that big wide world of the Internet. Your people, your tribe – just waiting to find you!

If you want to get your blossoming practice or business online, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place!

Your demystifying Angel has arrived.

Sure, you can just hire someone to do the whole thing for you – if you’ve got the bucks, and if you don’t mind having to call that person every time you need to make a change to your website.

Now, I’m not suggesting you build your own site! Of course it makes sense to hire the experts to do the geeky stuff. But why hand over complete control to strangers? Or even to Uncle Charlie who is always glued to his computer in the basement?

This is your practice, your passion, your business. Your website can be a front door. Why turn over the keys?

Let me deconstruct this for you!

Get all your questions answered in a one-on-one session tailored just for you! We start at the beginning – or wherever you are.

No question is too basic or ‘too dumb’!

I take as much time as you need to sort through the lingo, and the numerous options, and together we’ll determine the next best steps for YOU and your healing practice.


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Sure, there are loads of articles and classes out there. But , let’s face it… it all starts to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher after a while. I’m here to answer every single question you have – and remember:  no question is too basic or stupid. We will pick this thing apart until you finally, really and truly get it!

After your personalized one-on-one session you will:

  • Have a basic understanding once and for all of what a blog is and why or if you want to have one.
  • Have in your possession a “Lingo Demystifer” cheat sheet, that deconstructs all that geeky web lingo into layperson’s language.
  • Understand what is meant by WordPress and other blog hosting services – and be on your way to deciding which is best for your individual needs.
  • Understand what is meant by social media, and how you might use it to leverage your practice or business – without it sucking away hours of your day, or compromising your privacy.
  • Know how you can accept payments on line through Paypal.
  • Identify your online business goals and understand which online tools will meet them most efficiently.


Sarah is, indeed, a gifted teacher of technology. Her patience, kindness, and gentleness soothe and calm the anxieties that we fear when faced with creating a blog and/or website. She is what I call a Tech-y Angel who helps you learn to fly on the worldwide web.  Step by step, Sarah will joyfully walk you through the process of developing your online business. I wish for anyone who needs assistance creating a website or blog to have the luxury of being guided by Sarah O’Leary. You’ll be blessed, and so will your clients!

~Jill Kelly, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach


Why me?

I’ve done all the research for you! I’ve studied online business building for nearly three years…. I’ve read all those articles, taken those classes, networked like crazy and am now on my fourth website/blog, that I built from scratch on my own.

I even worked for a blogging school where I researched and wrote copy and articles on how to make money blogging.

I did it the hard way – but you don’t have to. I’ll pass on a basic understanding of how all this stuff works. And then I’ve got the contacts to get you started. I can help you find qualified people to do the work you don’t want to do yourself.

But your website needs YOU – it needs your personal touch. That means you need to ‘get’ how it all works, even if all you do is oversee the thing and draft your copy and let others polish and edit it.

 “I worked with Sarah while getting my site together, and what I found most helpful (and herein lies her genius) was her ability to calibrate her advice to both my needs and level of tech understanding.  She was able to quickly understand what I’d done and already knew, and offered targeted, specific, efficient suggestions to make things better.  Plus, she’s fun and relatable.  Win-win.”

~Betsy Golden Kellem, Attorney, Writer, Coach

I get it. You salivate at little when you look at the websites and blogs of your peers and other healers you admire. And people tell you how easy it is to just whip up a WordPress website.

Easy for some people, you think to yourself!

Well, now it can be easy for you too!

In just 6 years, more than 3 BILLION MORE PEOPLE will have access to the internet. Imagine how quickly your business will grow by establishing your blog/website NOW!


  • 10-15 minute introductory chat to assess your needs:  FREE!
  • Personalized sessions start at $60 for an hour of one-on-one time.
  • Just want a blog? I can walk you through setting it up in 1-2 hours!
  • I also can create your simple 1-5 page website for a reasonable rate! Let’s talk


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