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The Other Side of Surrender

Yesterday was rough.

Despite my oft-stated intentions to balance work and creativity, my list once again ran off the charts. I’ve got this exciting new project (more on that soon) and if I am to manifest it I must tackle it – chunk by chunk.

So there’s that list. And here’s my deep desire and intention to write, to continue to post on my blogs. And there’s all the other stuff that needs to be done just to keep household and life functioning. And over here is this other list of actual paying work projects.

Of course that last takes precedence. So yesterday morning I Continue Reading

Beware The Busy Beast

The Beast lumbers along beside me always. She’s been there – oh, ever since about age 24. She’s the To-Do List that runs off the page. She’s a million errands. She’s the partially finished project scattered on the kitchen table. She’s the stab of guilt every time my eyes fall on a pile of dust…Continue Reading

Just Three Words For 2012

Inspired by many of the online movers and shakers I’ve been reading (this one in particular), I decided to choose what three words define my aspirations and experiences for the coming year. Of course most people came up with their three words right around the first of the year, sort of a resolution antidote. Distill…Continue Reading

What Is It About Work?

photo © 2008 Elizabeth M | more info (via: Wylio) I got my first ‘real’ job at 15, the summer before my junior/senior year of high school. I proudly commuted on the train into New York City to work 9-5 as a ‘floater’ secretary at the company my mom worked at – Philip Morris. Yes,…Continue Reading