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Extrovert or Introvert?

For most of my life I’ve hated those personality tests that claim they will classify, categorize and explain who you are. Well, I actually didn’t hate them, they just disappointed me. I would grab onto each one I found, avidly filling in the little bubbles in a vain attempt to figure out why I act the way I do.

A few multiple-choice questions in I would invariably feel frustrated. Is my answer A or B? Sometimes I feel like A, but then again, other times it’s B. And yeah, every so often it’s even C.

I’d scribble in A (or maybe B) and move on. But I never felt satisfied with the explanatory results. This feeling of frustration extended beyond personality tests to other types of  “tests,” from the silly ones in women’s magazines, to the ones that assert they can assess Continue Reading

The Space Between

It feels like free fall. Or is it flying? Might I be able to soar somewhere I can’t even now see, if I just let go? One of the first things I did this year was dive into my friend C.A. Kobu’s new project, A Year With Myself. I’m not going to explain too much…Continue Reading