Writing & Editing Services

Do you have a story to tell, but haven’t the faintest idea of how to tell it in writing?

Is your new web site languishing in the creation stage because you have to fill in the copy?

Whether your project is for business or personal goals – stop letting the big writing bugaboo hold you up.

You and your story are unique – and you don’t just want any generic copywriting service to tell it. You want personality. You want radiance. And you want value.

Allow me to help!

As a trained journalist and published writer (BA in journalism with a minor in creative writing) I’ve got the training and experience to produce.

During my two years editing and reporting for the environmental magazine EcoNews, I spent a lot of time turning problematic prose produced by non-writer activists into compelling stories that motivated readers to take action.

I can do it for you too!


Holistic Copywriting

You started your business because you love what you do – be it energy healing, graphic design, coaching,  jewelry creation, a recycling service… whatever – this is your passion. And you’re thrilled that people sometimes want to actually pay you to do what you were born to do!

But then there’s that pesky part of being in business – you have to write about it.

You need copy that converts to sales.

It might be product descriptions, sales pages, newsletter articles, web page copy, or a 300 word description of yourself and your services for that ad in a local directory.

On top of all this, if you’re looking to build a successful business in the 21st century – you need constant social media updates – meaning you’ve got to blog, twitter, and facebook yourself silly.

None of this has anything to do with your calling.

What’s up?

You never signed up to be a writer.

Okay. Breathe.

Help is on the way.

From punchy one-liners to 2000 word blog posts, to a full on ebooks (and anything in between), dump your brain onto my lap and I can craft your expertise, passion & creative mojo into words that sing in your potential clients’ soul.

And nudge them to take out their wallet.

Here’s how the copywriting service works:

After our initial consultation and estimate, you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire that helps me to drill down further and understand your business and project goals. You supply me with your stream of consciousness writing, or a list of bullet points, links and resources and I give you the sweet relief of sentences that shine.


After rewriting things a dozen times (and that’s not an exaggeration, I’ve rewritten my about page at least 12 times!) I decided I need some copywriting help. That’s when I discovered Sarah. Sarah patiently worked with me to improve my about page. She thought of some clever sentences that I wouldn’t have, and better ways to say a few of the things I had thought of. You won’t get boring corporate speak from Sarah, instead she’ll infuse your copy with her joyful energy & bring it to life. If you’re looking for a writer who’s friendly, caring, and upbeat, Sarah is the perfect writer for you. I enjoyed working with her and I bet you will too.

~Sharise Mershon, Graphic Designer

Interested? Got questions? Contact me to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and quote on your project.


Creative / Ghost Writing

Is there a story or a book inside of you that you long to see in print? But you have no idea how you can put it all together in a coherent narrative?

Perhaps it’s a memoir you’d like to publish for your children or for the whole world to read. Maybe it’s something simpler like an essay or speech.

I take that jumble of memories or ideas and craft them into a creative structure that retains your vision and voice. And your name as the author.

Stories, memoirs, speeches, eulogies, essays and more. Tell me what you’ve got and we’ll talk.

Contact me to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and quote on your project.


After I shared a deeply personal story with one of my teachers, he asked me to write it down because he wanted to include it in his upcoming book. I turned to Sarah because I love the way she writes – honest and engaging. It was important to me to tell this story in a way that would truly touch people, and I knew that Sarah could do that in a way that I couldn’t.

Still, I was amazed at how well she distilled my rambling words into a story that conveyed the essence and meaning of my experience. In the few areas where she’d misunderstood my exact meaning, she was quick to make the changes and adjustments I asked for. And she got it all back to me well in time for my deadline. Working with Sarah was an absolute pleasure.  Once I’d turned the story over to her I knew I could relax.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah’s writing to anyone looking for a writer!

~Adrienne Calabrese, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist



You’ve already got it written. It’s ALMOST just what you want.

But something’s missing – it’s not quite right.

Maybe you’ve got a sense that the whole thing needs to be rearranged – and you’re stumped on how to even begin, and frankly sick of looking at your words.

Perhaps you’ve never been able to spell (who has time for that?) and snoozed through those grammar classes in elementary school. You just need some proofreading.

Or – you’re flummoxed by all those run on sentences and paragraphs. You don’t know how to break it down, or you do know but don’t want to spend your precious hours on something that’s just not your thing.

I can complete what’s nearly there – or revitalize that old tired copy.

Hand your nearly polished piece into my editing arms and I will return it ready to publish.

No more embarrassing comments about misspellings or grammar gaffes. No cringing at typos once the brochure is printed. Let me turn sort-of sweet into stellar!

It was definitely easy to work with Sarah – she got back to me super quick, she explained things really well, and delivered on time. I especially liked that she used her expertise to give me recommendations that I didn’t even know about – such as a style sheet.  The style sheet was a very helpful addition and I know I will certainly refer back to it as I work on additional food publishing projects.

Because of this I would absolutely use Sarah to edit and proofread my work in the future!  She took the headache out of trying to check and second-guess my own work.

~Heather Pierce, Nutrition Coach and Creator of the Go Feed Yourself Cookbook

Interested? Got questions? Contact me to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and quote on your project.